DUDE! I’m back! In time for the Friday Sale!

By Mir
November 9, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Soon I shall tell you a tale of great importance, and it involves the deep love I feel right now for my new hosting provider. But in the meantime, I can’t leave you all jonesing for the Amazon Friday Sale, now can I?

This Garmin StreetPilot is pretty much the only reason I didn’t give up after one week in Georgia and storm back to where I knew where all the streets were. We call ours Audrey, and she has a British accent. She has yet to lead me astray. I sort of love her. (And yes, that’s a fabulous price.)

I’m also sort of in love with these Skechers flats, not the least of which because they are just begging for a pricematch deal. They’re currently $34.90 at Amazon, but because they’re $72.95 at Zappos, go order them at Zappos and then call in for your pricematch. Your total at Zappos will be $31. (Yeah, it’s only a few more dollars, but every little bit counts. Plus, Zappos has free shipping and free returns—did you know that if you get free shipping on something at Amazon and then return it, you not only pay for return shipping, but they bill you the original shipping? Craziness.)

I’m saying this in my best Beavis voice: Heheheheh… they said butthead. Twice!

This is a really nice tent, especially at half price.

Check out this great little saucepan if you’re forever needing a teeny pot for things like melting butter. (Mmmmm… butter.) Plus, it matches this and this.

Okay, when I read Magic Bullet I really had something else in mind entirely, but, um, this is good, too. Ahem.

I love my stick blender set almost as much as I love my GPS. $19.99 is a phenomenal price for it, and I promise you that once you have one you will wonder how you lived without it. It also makes a can’t-go-wrong wedding gift.

The best SAD light in the world, the end. So little and compact, yet so life-changing. I not only whisper sweet nothings to it all winter long, it’s pretty much the only reason I haven’t had to dip my daughter in ketchup and eat her. (Yes, kids can have SAD. Consult your doctor, of course, but light therapy works for children, too. Amen.)

If you use Cetaphil lotion this is a so-so deal, except for the fact that there’s a spend $59, get $25 back dealie going on for assorted products, which means you could end up saving big if there are more products you need. (And as this promo includes assorted items from about twenty different brands, I guarantee you can find something.)

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Yay! You’re back!

    I just bought the Pinzon stainless cooking tool set you recommended a sale or two ago as being a perfect wedding gift. Bought it as a wedding gift, in fact, after I saw that the couple had registered for a very similar All-Clad set for, oh, $110 more at Williams-Sonoma.

    I still have to buy another wedding gift, and I’m very tempted by that Calphalon 12-inch pan, because I love Calphalon and OH MY GOD IT IS $20. So what if they didn’t register for anything similar?

  2. Horray! You’re back! It is a happy Friday indeed.

  3. So, they call it black friday because you will be wearing black tonight?

    Oh-ho Ot-to!

  4. You were SOOOO missed…actually that akes me worry that maybe I need to get a life…anyway, glad you’re back here and at woulda, coulda. What’s the deal with Amazon. By the time I looked at the stick blender…the price was up almost $10 bucks. They are aggravating!

  5. Ditto on the stick blender. I got all hot and bothered for nada.

  6. That stick blender has been the cause of cursing over here! I added it to my cart and went to look at something for an upcoming birthday gift and when I went to checkout, it had been replaced in my cart with a less impressive, more expensive one. This happened three more times before I finally got my order in for the one you listed. I hope that’s actually the one they send!

  7. Yea! YEA! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Hey, I am so glad you are back up. I got the Garmin — in hopes that I will never be a carsick stressed out navigator again. Sorry to hear about the stick blender — it is the best thing on earth, and I have that brand.

    Let me add to the chorus:


  9. I’m so happy your back. I visit your site everyday and one of my friends was so distraught about the fact that your site was gone that she blogged about her sorrow. She will be elated to see wantnot again!!!!!

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