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By Mir
November 12, 2007
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People often ask me for advice on buying high-end camera equipment, and my advice is always the same: “Heck if I know. Ask my husband.” I’m useful, that way.

Fortunately, when it comes to Photography For Dummies, I’m your girl. I’m all about the point-n-click, not the least of which because it’s a lot cheaper. But there are varying levels of equipment even at the lower end, so there are still choices to be made, obviously.

This morning I see that the Canon PowerShot A570IS is down to $153.76 at Amazon. This price includes a credit towards a memory card and a code for a free photo calendar at Shutterfly. In terms of point-n-click, this is an excellent choice, because it has decent zoom for a small camera and image stabilization. And the reviews are awesome.

Of course, what I really recommend is marrying a photographer. (It worked for me!) But this is probably a lot less work.


  1. We have and LOVE this camera and we paid quite a bit more for this same camera about six weeks ago. It was still worth the money!

  2. I suppose if you don’t marry a photographer, you could give birth to one. But then you have to wait for her to grow up…

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