You’re not short, you’re vertically challenged

By Mir
November 13, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I am of utterly average height (5-and-a-half feet tall, thankyouverymuch), but I understand from a few of my less height-gifted girlfriends that finding clothes when you’re a shortish woman is just as hard as finding a pair of jeans made for a person with actual hips. You have my condolences. (And not just because I’m still looking for a pair of decent jeans.)

Well, I’ve recently discovered that Petite Sophisticate is doing something amazing that no store where I can shop does—they offer free shipping on all returns. If it doesn’t fit? Send it back. For free. It’s a risk-free proposition, and a real boon to those of us afraid to buy clothes online because of fit issues.

Should you choose to check them out, here’s a couple of coupons for you: Use code 776625006 to take $25 off your $150+ order, or use code 776625105 to get free shipping on any $120+ order. Either way, you end up with some great new clothes or you send ’em back hassle-free.


  1. Thanks for that! As a vertically challenged person I find the lack of short folks pants in stores like Old Navy complete discrimination. It means I have to order stuff online and thus pay shipping when if I were just a little taller I could buy regular length pants. Stupid short genes.

  2. Wait, what? Our store here closed and they told me the entire chain was closing. OMG, Mir, you are so awesome and pretty!

  3. Amber, they reopened a couple years ago. I was very excited when I found a Petite Sophisticate Outlet had moved into our outlet mall. I asked, and they told me Lane Bryant bought them!

  4. Egads, try being a short AND curvy with hips. AND I’m mostly legs (only five feet, one inch, though) so then I have to worry about pants being too high waisted and others being too short waisted. The horror never ends!

  5. i, too, am amazed at this remarkable discovery. dude, i WORKED for Casual Corner Group and never knew their online presence was still around (or, back, i guess). weird 😛

  6. Heh, I’m short AND fat AND (somehow) flat-chested, I might as well just go find out where Mrs. Roper shops.

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