It must be Friday

By Mir
November 16, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Some days—when my alarm goes off and it’s still dark outside—it’s very hard to get out of bed. But Fridays are so much easier. Because of the Amazon Friday Sale! (And also possibly because of the knowledge that tomorrow I can sleep in.)

Va va vavoom! If you like these peep-toes by Moda Spana, and are lucky enough to want a color/size combo that’s just $24.89, see if they have ’em in stock over at Zappos where they’re priced at $87.95. After the 110% pricematch guarantee, they’ll be yours for $18.58 shipped.

This Kidde carbon monoxide detector comes with a code for a free Shutterfly photo calendar, so if you were making some of those for holiday gifts, anyway, figure that as an additional $20 savings.

Does the fix-it-yourself-er in your life (maybe you?) have some nice DeWalt tools? You might be interested in a deeply discounted DeWalt NiCad battery pack. I don’t know why it’s good—being someone who, frankly, can cause injury with a tape measure, myself—but it did cause my husband’s eyes to light up.

Please buy this elf hat for your dog. Then please take a picture and email it to me. Hee.

This is intended to be a pen for your pets, but is it bad that the first thing I thought when I saw it is that it’s basically a larger, sturdier Superyard? (Trust me. All the other moms will be all “Wow, where did you get this?”)

Here’s a smoking (get it? get it? smoking? I’ll be here all week!) deal on a Char-Broil Caddie gas grill: At $79 it’s already about half what it costs anywhere else, plus it has free shipping. This is an ideal solution for anyone with limited patio space or if you want an “auxiliary” grill for some reason.

Various outdoor toys for kids made of foam, so that no one loses an eye.

If my daughter woke up to this shockingly pink bike on Christmas morning I suspect Santa would get a thank-you letter containing lots of hearts and exclamation points.

Apparently this is a great price on a CHI flat iron. Personally, I’m only buying it if it comes with someone to do my hair for me, but your mileage may vary.

Here’s the Calphalon stock pot to go with the pieces you picked up in last week‘s sale.

It’s out old friend, the quesadilla maker! Now that you know how much you love yours, you probably want to buy a couple for gifts.

I want to lick this stainless steel french press, a little. It could be the sleek lines and the low price, or it could just be that I need more coffee. Hard to tell.

Happy Friday Saling!


  1. “Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขll be here all week!”

    Don’t forget to tip your servers, folks…she’s here all week! THANK GOODNESS!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy Friday everyone! Let’s raise our coffee cups and toast the fact that we no longer need an alarm clock on Saturdays now that soccer is DONE! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Regarding the animal/child pen — my friend put her kid in my dogs’ pen once upon a time, and the kid immediately figured out how to open the little door. I’m just sayin’.

    And speaking of my dogs…they might be wearing ELF hats in our holiday photo this year, much to their chagrin! Thanks, Mir – you are SO pretty today!

  3. I needed that stock pot! This is off topic – but what iRobot floor cleaner do you have? I am on the lookout for one but dont want to spend a fortune, thank you!

  4. Dude, when you put the “pen for your pets” right after the elf hat for a dog, I pictured a Jack Russell elf writing out Christmas cards. What a disappointment.

  5. Whew. My husband was on the verge of making me break up with you, Mir, because of all the money we were “saving” thanks to your deals. But! The new battery for his Dewalt drill has saved our clandestine relationship.

  6. Ha! I am totally with you, Em–I had the exact same thought about the pen for dogs…that’s why I clicked on the link and was immediately disappointed.

  7. oh, I want that stainless steel french press. my husband doesn’t want me buying any more of them because I break them, but ooooh, stainless steel doesn’t break!

    I have a dog who will accept costumes. We put him in a bandanna for halloween (he was born on a reservation, so we made him a cowboy, get it? I amuse myself), and a tie dye t-shirt for no reason. The elf hat is a must-have! ๐Ÿ™‚ Except that he’s medium-large, not tiny.

    I love fridays!

  8. That is a GREAT price for the CHI flat iron. I have the pink set (flat iron and hair dryer) and it was over $400.00 at the supply store. I know that is alot but once you use CHI you will understand why they cost so much.

  9. I’ve been holding off getting a CHI for over two years now, but my old Revlon is ripping my hair too often. Plus my heart stopped when I saw it was my favorite purple/blue color. I’m $80 in debt now, but I’m sure my hair will be noticably better. Thanks Mir!

  10. This post prompted me to run through our house yelling, “I found the stockpot! I found the stockpot!” (See, how I took all the credit for it and didn’t mention you once? Yeah…) But thank you! It is on its way to a lifetime of cornbread crusted chili and chicken stock making!

  11. I was crushed that Zappo’s doens’t ship to canada…… the life I imagined wearing beautiful shoes ends now. ( except that it is pretty hard to walk dog/chase twins while wearing beautiful shoes – i guess it all works out:)

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