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By Mir
November 19, 2007

Did you manage to get a wii for your kids (or yourself)? You probably used up most of your time and energy—and maybe your money—getting your hands on the console. But what about some games for it?

Well, you’re in luck. Right now all wii games are buy 2, get 1 free at Toys R Us. Plus all sorts of other games are on special, too; some are buy 1 get 1 50% off, some have free shipping, some like green eggs and ham….

Well, probably not that last one.


  1. So, I’m wondering if I should buy some games for the blessed day when I DO find a Wii?

  2. It’s a great deal, but unfortunately the hottest games are already gone…I think it’s going to be a frustrating holiday season. Thanks for the tip, I’ll keep checking back to see if they come back in before the sale is over.

  3. Stacey is right – all the good games are already gone, but I’ll keep trolling the brick-and-mortar store to see if anything good magically appears.

  4. We just bought a Wii for our family. We have a daughter who is 7. (Alright–we bought the game just as much for mom and dad as for her!) What are the “good games?”

  5. At our house, the biggest games are: Mario Party, Super Mario Galaxy, Mario and Sonic at the Olympics, Guitar Hero, Lego Star Wars, Pokemon, and Disney Enchanted Princess. That list will make our 23, 25, 7 and 5 year olds VERY happy. Fortunately, I’ve already bought the games, I just didn’t get the deals. 🙁 I was hoping to buy the deals and return the not-so-good deals. I would really recommend the Mario games for your family, ours has really enjoyed them for other systems over the years.

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