Give thanks for ice cream

By Mir
November 20, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Mmmmm… need some ice cream to cap off all the turkey you’ll be eating in the next week or two? Of course you do.

(You know, all of those winter coupons from Coldstone Creamery used to annoy me, but now that I live in Georgia it’s possible that I have the teensiest crush on them and their delicious ice cream….)


  1. mmmm, ice cream. Thanks, Mir. You are looking especially pretty today. My birthday was last weeekend and I got a coupon for a free Cold Stone (for joining their birthday club). Now hubby won’t have to buy his, either. mmmmmm, ice cream. Oops, did I already say that? 😉

  2. When I moved to northern Minnesota, I found out that they open Coldstone Creameries here in the dead of winter with a foot of snow on the ground and STILL get long lines of people waiting to get in.

    We Minnesotans apparently love our ice cream, even when it’s cold out. Of course, we don’t have much choice when it comes to “when it’s cold out,” which is almost always. *laughs*

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