On the 1st week of Christmas, Hasbro gave to me. . .

By Mir
November 20, 2007

… the chance to get free Transformers bonus toys or baby dolls accessory packs with purchase.

Frankly, the Baby Alive dolls are freaking me out a little—I think it has something to do with their big painted eye; they sort of remind me of the Littlest Pet Shop animals—but if you have a Transformers nut in the house and you missed the last Transformers deal, this could be a boon.

I know, I know. Hooray! More big hunks of plastic!


  1. Wow. I had a Baby Alive when I was little. I am not even close to being little now.

    (Baby Alive commercials had a song:

    Baby Alive
    Soft and sweet
    She can drink
    She can *

    *Wet? Poop? I can’t remember that part.)


  2. She can drink
    She can eat

    So the song isn’t as bad as all that.

    I did love my Baby Alive. But it didn’t come with enough “food” – I think only 3 little packets.

  3. My mom said the baby alive ended up stinking because the food didn’t completely empty out of the body. Apparently that was why she didn’t get me one when I was a kid – too many of her friends complained about their daughters’ dolls.

    We joked last year when BG & MG wanted one that it was “baby of the living dead”. heh.

  4. Those Littlest Pet Shop animals keep turning up on my students’ desks. It started during state testing (a stress reliever), and it hasn’t stopped. As long as they behave (the students, not the animals), I’ll allow them, creepy though they may be.

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