How does “practically free” sound?

By Mir
November 21, 2007

Okay, here’s a good one if you snap it up before it’s discontinued: Over at the BabyCenter Store you can use coupon code 22298ENFAMIL to take $20 off of your $20+ purchase. Shipping starts at about $6.

(I think that link takes you to toy deals, but it should work on anything. Hurry, though.)


  1. That’s a great deal. Too bad the website not’s working.

  2. It’s working for me, just dredging up horrible memories of dial-up internet.

  3. Just any FYI — I just called (10:45 EST) and they said that they are unable to take orders right now online or over the phone because their server is down. Apparently you can (barely) navigate their website but it won’t actually accept orders.

    She said the estimate for getting it back up was 1pm EST.

  4. It worked for me! I just received an email confirmation that my order went through. Thanks!

  5. Oh yeah, FYI…the free shipping code won’t work in conjunction with the 20 dollar off code…so you may not want to waste your time trying since the site is SOOOO sluggish.

  6. Not working for me, either… Sigh, I guess I’ll try later and hope the code is still working.

  7. Well I got all the way to the review and submit screen and my coupon had disappeared. I’m thinking not a good sign.

  8. I got all the way to the sumbit order (the final step) and it timed out.

  9. It’s still slow as cold syrup, but I got all the way through and the coupon worked. Many thanks, Mir!

  10. Awwwwwww! It worked for me, too a while but I went through the whole thing. I’ve got a great deal.
    Thx a bunch,
    Rosie 🙂

  11. Yeah, they took it away already. Their site appears to be working fine, but coupon won’t take.

  12. Site was so slow that I began to beat my head against the computer screen but I was rewarded with a working coupon!

  13. It’s 3:30 and the site is saying the coupon code isn’t recognized….

  14. Code’s dead — And the site is still down 3:30 EST they expect it to be back up in a hour – but the Emfamil coade is no longer vaild (they caught on…)

  15. I actually had gotten it to go through after SO LONG of having it time out and retrying all day. Then I thought I would be greedy and see if I could get free shipping. I got free shipping all right, but the coupon was no longer accepted.

    I called about it and they said if you received the coupon in an email it will be honored. I checked my inbox, just in case, but didnt see one.

  16. Can you believe I just got a shipping confirmation for an order I pla

  17. oops (my son hit enter and it posted my comment prematurely)

    Anyway, I was saying that one of my orders did end up going through although I had no idea! I really wanted the item so I had already ordered it with the free shipping coupon instead later that night. So now I have two of the items. It wasn’t high priced so I may end up just giving it to one other child I need to buy a gift for anyway.

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