Kiddie clothes, turkey cheap

By Mir
November 21, 2007

Goooooood morning, everyone! I realize that everyone is off making pies and dusting the house, today, but I am just going to keep chugging along here inbetween my own various dinner-prep tasks, because this way maybe my family will pick up some of the slack. (“Oh, sorry, I can’t do that right now… gotta work!”) Anyway.

Remember when Crazy 8 had free shipping? Today and most of tomorrow (November 21st – 22nd, 2007) they’re offering free shipping and 30% off your entire order, automatically.

Their regular prices are sort of Gymboree-ish, but combine the deal with what’s already on sale and you can score some nice stuff. If you’re not too busy swearing at the pie crust, that is.


  1. Thank you so much, o fabulous Mir!

    As it got cooler this week, I discovered that my son’s winter tops were mostly too small, and I suspect other clothes will turn out to be as well. Thanks to you, I just ordered one sweater, 2 flannel shirts, 2 microfleece shirts, a set of warm pajamas and a pair of fleece pants, all for $80 including tax! That’s $10/piece on average, with free shipping.

  2. Oh, the site is a little slow, but it was worth it.

  3. Oh my goodness, Mir. You are so pretty and I love you and this is the CUTEST website ever. I’d never heard of Crazy 8 before and now I’ve bought them out! Thank you!!

  4. The site kept kicking me out when I went to complete my order; however, I phoned in, and it was quickly handled.

    I have twin 2-yr-old boys and twin 4-month-old girls and was able to purchase ahead for next year: 2 wool coats, 2 pair shoes, 4 fleece jackets, 6 long sleeve shirts, 2 pair of pants and two hats for an average of just over $9/piece.

    Thank you for the post.

  5. Super duper! These prices are GREAT and their clothes are really well-made.

  6. I love Crazy 8. We have a lot of their clothes. They are very well made and super cute too. You can’t beat these sale prices and free shipping too.

  7. Gotta do a shout out to the Crazy 8. I found a skull cap for our son for $3.99 on sale in the store. It makes him look like a total thug when combined with his ragged teeth that are coming in. When I went to the counter to checkout, the clerk said, “Do you KNOW about us?” It sounded strangely provocative. I said I didn’t . . . I had just walked by the store and thought it had cool clothes. She said, “Well, we’re new, and we’re owned by Gymboree but cheaper and hipper.” I can’t argue with her. Some of their end of season sale prices were insane.

    I love them.

  8. Har, usually people sing the praises of my pie crusts, and today they’ve come out crappy. Typical.

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