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By Mir
November 23, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I just bought myself a Christmas present.

Remember that iPod I got for free with my new Mac? I don’t didn’t have a case for it. But all weekend long, iFrogz is taking 50% off everything on their website. So I got myself a case for my iPod. Use coupon code alexscoupons for another 15% off, too.

They take Paypal. Which means that in my world of logic, my new case was absolutely free. (There’s an incredible array of colors, by the way. My new case is—no lie—“hippie.” Which is a tie-dye, natch.)


  1. I love my iFrogz! While I think it was totally worth the full price I paid for it – but you getting it for 1/2 price is a sick combination of jealousy, nodding my head in that “yep, that would be the way” and something that may require pie.

    Enjoy the Frog — Mine is for my video iPod — and I went with a artsy theme with orange and buff…

  2. Thanks for that! Perfect gifts for a few more people!

  3. Never commented before, but just thought I’d pipe in that I just bought one and I actually ended up getting 50% off with their sale, plus an additional **30%** off with the coupon code! Hooray!

  4. my husband and i just spent a REALLY long time picking out new cases for ourselves! we’re thrilled… thanks for the code!

  5. I just spent an obscene amount of time picking out a hot pink and silver case with a little grey kittycat on the wheel =) Mir, you rock!

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