I’m not shopping today

By Mir
November 24, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

We’re about to head out on an adventure with the kids. But maybe you’re shopping, in which case I expect to hear back on all the awesome deals you’re getting, later.

Have music-lovers on your gift list? Today only, buy 3 $25 iTunes cards and get 1 $25 gift card free. Niiiiice. They do this ’round this time every year, and even if you don’t need them for the holidays, it’s a cheap way to pick up gifts for the rest of the year.

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!


  1. Hey Mir!
    I was unimpressed with Amazon yesterday but in the end I did pretty good. I got $10 back on a $30 cooking utensil set I bought last month, and I got $6.50 back on a $60 gift I bought for Brian last week. Woo hoo for price protection! I also scored Adobe Elements for $65 in the gold box, which was another $15 Amazon’s already-decent price.

    As for brick and mortar stores, I went to target at the civilized time of 8:30, got three of those remote helicopters for $15 each and a K’nex tub for $10. Then I went into Toys R Us, saw they didn’t have the optimus prime transformer they’d advertised, saw the line going to the back of the store, and decided to get out of there and high-tail it home while I was still in a decent mood..

  2. Stunning Mir,
    Here are my shopping exploits for the last hour, and all because of your genius-ness: 4 ipod gift cards and 3 Ifrogz covers for the littlest monsters for Christmas. Thank you for the insight.

  3. Aw, shoot, Mir. I just bought two cards on Tuesday. Oh, for the deals that almost happen.

  4. Last time best buy did this buy 3 $15 cards get one free I stocked up with three sets. Its totally worth it if you like music or get season passes of shows, etc. Thanks!

  5. You have no idea how happy you have made my daughter. Now I’m trying to decide how to ration them out! Thank you.

  6. Do you have to have an apple item to use itunes?

  7. I went to order this, then dug through my purse to find my Rewards card. While digging, I found $60 worth of rewards coupons. So I got the 4 cards for $15. Can’t beat that!

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