It’s Cyber Monday at Toys R Us

By Mir
November 26, 2007

Well, to be fair, it’s Cyber Monday at lots of stores, and frankly with all of the deals of the past four or five days I am very nearly sick of shopping (I know, say it ain’t so!), but in case you’re still scoping out toys for the little ones, don’t forget to check today’s steals and deals over at Toys R Us. They’ve got a new promotion running with Paypal, too, where you can get 20% of your order’s total back if you pay via Paypal. (Refunds will be sent in January; this is not an instant rebate.)

I actually find myself somewhat stumped this year; my daughter has reached an age where she’s hard to buy for. Between the sheer volume of stuff she receives from other sources (*coughcoughindulgentfathercough*) and the nine and a half years of me telling her she ought to be grateful for what she has, this year when asked what she’s hoping to receive she is now responding, “You know, I really don’t have anything in mind. I probably don’t need anything.”

Excuse me, I think there’s something in my eye.


  1. FYI – PayPal payment option isn’t working as of 8:44 a.m. It says that PayPal is not available (despite the fact that I can log into my PayPal account just fine) and customer service will only say that it will take a couple of hours for it to come back up. They are NO help when you call so beware if you are trying to take advantage of this deal.

  2. Poop their website appears to be down!

  3. “sick of shopping” Bah-ha!! Mir, you are one funny lady.

  4. I’m hesitant to do any more Paypal refund deals. I did one about 6-8 mos ago, where I should’ve gotten something like $10 or $15 credited to my Paypal account, and it never showed up and they never returned my e-mails regarding my concerns. (It was a shoe place; can’t even remember which one now.) My friend did the same deal and got her refund, but I did not. Just my luck!

  5. It’s very slow, but working now. Sorry to hear about your bad experience, Susan. i hope that doesn’t happen to me!

  6. Everything I want (transformers) are not available online despite the “free shipping” listing. Bah on them!

  7. I have been trying to get the paypal deal on toysrus for about an hour.. and same thing. I get that paypal is not available. UUUGGHH

  8. Thanks again for posting about this deal, Mir. I got my son’s “big” gift with this and I got my PayPal refund last night! So, I paid for it with PayPal therefore it felt free (all our PayPal money comes from selling stuff on eBay), I got a good price on the toys to begin with AND I just got about $14 back on my order! In time to spend it on something else!

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