This year, Santa is bringing geography

By Mir
November 26, 2007

I try very hard not to recommend (or buy) products from Walmart owing to a general difficulty I have with their corporate philosophy, but sometimes, the deal triumphs.

Today only, one of their Cyber Monday deals is the Leapfrog Odyssey III Interactive Talking Globe for $48. (Shipping is around $7.) The same toy—which, by the way, has stellar reviews—is currently $91.29 + shipping at Amazon. It pains me to recommend that you spend your money at Walmart, but this is an unbeatable deal on a really nice (award-winning, even) educational toy.

I’m off to alert Santa.


  1. I also have ethical issues with Walmart, so I won’t be heading over there to get it. But, it was a really, really close call… I’ll just keep hanging out here, hitting refresh, seeing what pretty Mir has come up with. 😀

  2. I just tried to buy – apparently already sold out!

  3. Yep, sold out – that will save me from making the big ethical decision…

  4. Anyone know if they have them for this price in store?

  5. OK- risking sounding like an ignoramus here- what are the ethical issues with Wal-mart (besides that they’re everywhere)?

  6. i’m with jamie h. — i don’t like shopping there just be/c i don’t like shopping there, but i didn’t know there were ethical issues behind the corporate giant. every corporate giant has ethical issues in my book; how’s wal-mart any different?? clue a girl in! 🙂

  7. PLEASE keep coming with the Cyber Monday deals, I keep getting mired in their normal web catalogs when I try to go to a store directly, I’m not finding the deals you are. Perhaps I’m going about it the wrong way?

    Is Amazon having more than their normal “gold box” and clearance item deals? Things like that. I guess I’m not on the ball today.

  8. Sold out already, but will be kept as a “future” gift idea for my son who’s currently 6.

  9. I don’t shop there just because being inside the store makes me crazy. I never shop there online either and I have no real reason, other than consistency.

  10. If you’re unoffended by Costco, they had one of these type-a globes in the $70 range two days ago. I just noticed it walking past.

  11. There in stock again. I just bought one at 7pm.

  12. I purchased this from Kohl’s for about $65 on Black Friday. I’m sure it’ll be on sale there again (Kohl’s always seems to rerun their sales).

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