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By Mir
November 28, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’m in stocking-stuffing mode, and you’d better believe that I believe in truth, liberty, and a sugar cookie lip balm in the toe of your stocking on Christmas morning. I’m just sayin’. There’s more cheapie stuff listed here, too.

Ship any size order for free with coupon code EREPFS.


  1. The second link’s not working for me, but I’m about to snap up a few of those lip balm. My little “princess” is addicted.

  2. Woo hoo! Got a load of lip balm and hand lotion for under $1 each!

  3. Help! I got a cart full of stuff and the code is not working! Did it work for anybody else?

  4. Mir, even my five year-old will say that you’re pretty when she sees what’s in her stocking!

  5. The code worked just fine for me

  6. i get this messgae: The coupon code you entered is only valid for online purchases made with an eRepresentative.


  7. got the same eRepresentative message. Is there an alternative?

  8. Hmmm… it worked for me. Maybe they’ve since changed something.

  9. Code didn’t work for me either but I used 1126FSD and got free shipping for an order over $10.

  10. code 1126FSD just worked for me too!

  11. Thanks for the second free shipping code – the first one didn’t work but the second one did!!


  12. The code didn’t work for me either, but I used the 1126FSD one and it worked for FREE SHIPPING.


  13. You can find an eRepresentative pretty easily–I just did it and it took less than 30 seconds. You don’t have to do anything, just pick someone. 🙂

  14. Awesome! I just got stocking stuffers for my kids and nieces! (and myself and sister-in-law, too!) thanks

  15. Make sure you order all you want in one sitting or use multiple accounts because you can only use the code once. And as Erin said you can just pick an eRep. They get credit for the sale…which they will appreciate :-).

  16. Christmas is not Christmas without avon products in the stocking! My grandma makes sure of that. Everyone gets the lip balm with the calendar on the side, men get soap on a rope and women get lotion. Which we never use. But the lip balm is the best!

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