It’s the last shopping day of the year

By Mir
November 30, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I have this thing I do; I generally don’t buy anything in December. You could say it has to do with taking a stand or just avoiding the melee during the holiday frenzy, but that’s not true. For the most part it’s just because I’m done with my holiday shopping and I need a break. But I do think it was awfully nice of Amazon to have their last Friday Sale of November on the very last day of the month. I do like to go out with a bang, you know.

Got a Christmas baby? Wait, let me try that again. Got a drooly Christmas baby? How about some Christmas bibs? A 2-pack for $6 with free shipping is pretty good.

I need a miter saw setup like I need a hole in my head, but even I can appreciate that that’s an amazing deal if you did want such a thing. (Now… umm… go miter something.)

Likewise, my husband would be thrilled to find this pressure washer under the tree, but unfortunately, he’s married to me and I am not interested in finding out how many squirrels we can blow off the roof.

Need a sewing machine? Sometimes that whole “price too low to display” thing is a crock (I particularly liked the item I looked at yesterday that was a whole 2% off when I clicked the magic link to display the price), but this machine is actually about half off. (Or, if you’re all fancy-like, this serger is 57% off.)

Tis the season for flannel sheets; lots of sizes and colors from which to choose, and great reviews. (Also, that rhymes, which makes it even better.)

I have seen this Cuisinart food processer cost more in a refurbished version; this is the best price I’ve even seen it at. (Also? I lurve my Cuisinart. I whisper sweet nothings to it occasionally. It ties for favorite kitchen gadget with my stick blender.) (Please don’t tell the stick blender.)

This Corningware set is only $14.99 after rebate! Too bad I already spent all of my money on Pyrex storage. (Speaking of Pyrex….)

I’m still tempted by the unbreakable french press. For $9.99, it’s hard to say no.

That’s a big Christmas tree.

Geez, even Rachael Ray’s knives are cheerful-looking.

Have a happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Just a little warning re: buying a sewing machine or serger from Amazon….somehow they’re not an “authorized” seller and buying from them negates your warranty. Wish I’d have known that before I bought a serger that crapped out at 3 months old. The cost of the repair was as much as the money I saved.

  2. The Cuisinart food processor was just to tempting. Thanks for mentioning it.

  3. The carafe of the french press may not be breakable, but the screen definitely is! I was disappointed.

  4. Ah – screw the french presses and treat yourselves to a Toddy! (no I don’t work for them, and never broke a carafe, but had plenty of other issues with the f.p. and the Toddy makes a smooth, not stomach jarring brew.)

  5. The one year we put up outdoor Christmas lights, a squirrel came along and chewed through the strand. At first we thought it was done by (human) vandals, until we found little light bulbs in chewed up sockets in the back yard. So, I’m thinking target practice on squirrels with a pressure washer might be fun. And did Ki ever tell you the time when a squirrel came up to her firstborn son’s sandwich at a park downtown and ran off with it?? He was devastated. Wash them, I say! Wash the squirrels. Okay, I’ll go away now.

  6. Heads up on anyone interested in the Corningware–the single review on Amazon’s page was someone ticked off because they won’t honor the rebate if the set is purchased for less than $39.99, which is the case here.

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