Tiny pens. . .

By Mir
December 3, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

make great stocking stuffers.

Free shipping on every order, automatically. Makes it hard to resist, no?


  1. Mir: While I don’t need any more stocking stuffers (thank goodness!), we do need some pens around here. I picked up my husband’s refill packs at a GREAT price and some of my favorite pens that I haven’t been able to find in fine point anywhere lately at another pretty good price. (The husband goes through pens like mad with his grading and he has pens that are his absolute favorites, too, so we just get him refills.)

    Add free shipping onto that and we got an awesome deal on some pens/refills that we can’t find around here very often.

    Thanks, wonderful and shiny Mir! *laughs*

  2. oh – PENS! That is NOT what I thought that said when I first read it.

  3. Just a warning – I used these same pens (the colored ones) as order filler earlier this year when I needed a few more dollars to make their free shipping limit, and they are NOT AWESOME. I know, they’re pens. How terrible can they be? Well, they only work for a very short amount of time. Like, I pulled out a new pen, started writing a grocery list, and it is inexplicably and irretrievably DEAD halfway through the list! Some of them didn’t work at all straight out of the package. They mostly don’t write with a smooth, gel pen line – they like to skip, so you have to go over your work again. Anyway, out of the 12 pens in the package, I have 3 left – in weird, highlighter-like neon colors.
    But, many of the colors are pretty, they are adorable in their wee-ness (yes, that is a real word), and they have mostly good reviews at Staples – only 20% of the reviewers mention this problem, and one person gave them a good review despite it (she was seduced by their wee-ness, obviously) (and no, I didn’t review them). So for this price give it a shot – just don’t stock up until you’ve tried them, that’s all!

  4. Out of stock already…

  5. I just ordered some. I think they ship regionally which would explain out of stock in some areas.

    Thanks for the tip, Mir. I needed other office supplies too and I love free shipping!

  6. These are, indeed, the definition of “hard to resist.” I tried alllll day. But then I gave in. *sigh*

    I have five stockings to buy for, so these will be perfect–eveyrone gets two!

  7. Holy cannoli! I received my package less than 24 hours after I placed the order! That is FAST!

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