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By Mir
December 4, 2007

I’m a sucker for board games. (And remember yesterday? Board games make good gift stash items!) Amazon is feeling the crunch to sell sell sell before the holiday, methinks—they’ve currently marked down a ton of board games. It takes a bit of wading through, but many children’s favorites are under $5. Some goodies for the grown-ups are available on the cheap, too.

(Me? I already succumbed to Blokus Trigon as our designated Family Game for the season. But there are some nice deals there.)


  1. I LOVE Blokus Trigon! I have to invite my friend over to play with me though, because one kid is too young, the other kid is not interested, and my husband is truly not interested. Yet when she comes over, everyone wants to play all of the sudden. It’s much better with four players than two (unless you play two colors each).

  2. Did you know you can go to the Blokus website and play the game online? In case you need some practice or want to check it out before buying.

  3. I have toddlers so I stocked up on the young-uns games.

    Did you know though that a lot of the Hasbro games come with an additional $2 rebate which on the $4 games knocks them down to $2 total, score!

  4. First of all, Pretty Mirâ„¢, I love both your sites! They perk up my dreary work day!

    Anyway, I was just browsing through the games deal at Amazon, and I got a chuckle! Did you see the “Toot and Otto” game? Is that a big hit in your house? Could make a fun gift for your hubby!!

  5. Brandi – Where does the rebate appear? Does it come with the games? Because I’ve checked a number of Hasbro games and Amazon doesn’t mention a rebate…

  6. Game rebates:

    I can’t tell if games like Spongebob Monopoly and Simpsons Clue qualify, but I’m going to try to get the rebate anyway.

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