My kind of dog

By Mir
December 5, 2007

Well, no, not really… though I do like that this one is completely hypoallergenic and never poops on the floor.

Was browsing around and came upon this VMIGO golden retriever. Apparently this is a very hot toy, though I don’t know anything about it because I’m a big anti-video-game square. I just saw the price (60% off!) and got all excited.

And then I thought, how mean would it be to get that for my daughter, she who is always asking for a dog…?


  1. I wouldn’t say it would be MEAN to get it for your daughter, but you would never hear the end of it. (I totally do NOT know from experience because Santa TOTALLY KNEW last year that bringing a FurReal kitty to a three-year-old who was asking for a kitten would be an Unsatisfying Idea. Oh man.)

  2. So would it be good or bad for Santa to bring my daughter a real pony in lieu of the FurReal Butterscotch pony she’s been wanting ever since it came out? Not that she’s getting either one…

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