Blue what, now?

By Mir
December 6, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

You know me… I am not so much up on the latest technology. (Let me just pop an 8-track into the play here so that we can have a little music….) So I know that Blu-ray is a new DVD technology, but that’s where my knowledge ends.

But if you know all about Blu-Ray and have a fancy new player and whatnot, perhaps you’d like to go buy one Blu-ray movie and get one free at Amazon. I see they have A Christmas Story which is possibly the greatest movie ever, but in case you don’t want that, there’s over 30 other choices.


  1. Is this a “today only” promo?

  2. Blue ray? So what is blue nose? Or is it blue tooth? Hounds tooth? Blue footed booby? Please pass the Geritol.

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