It’s a little sad that this excites me

By Mir
December 6, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

My name is Mir, and I have Dyson lust. (I hear that admitting I have a problem is the first step….)

Check this out: Linens N Things has just marked down the Dyson Root 6 hand vacicon to $99, and if you use coupon code FAVE07 for another 20% off, you’re looking at $91.98 + tax to your door (even cheaper if you choose ship-to-store and pick it up).

I suspect that baby would put my Dustbuster to shame.


  1. I don’t have this one, but I have a Dyson upright, and I LOOOOVE it. My husband indulged me a while back and bought it for me. Never before had I been heard to say that I love my vacuum but, boy this thing is awesome, plus, it’s PURPLE! (my favorite color)

  2. I love my Dyson upright as well. I’m dreaming of all the great uses for this little one!

  3. Our old vacuum died over Thanksgiving so we bought the Dyson D17 Animal. Oh baby. I have never seen anything like it. The amount of dirt we’ve sucked out of the carpet is truly unbelievable. (And as bad as that sounds, we’re really not that dirty around here.) I used the 20% off at LnT but it was still very expensive ($460-ish). Even better, my geeky Huz likes to vacuum now. And that, pretty Mir, makes it worth its weight in gold.

  4. I happened to ask Santa for this for Christmas. I wonder if he got it yet or if I can pass along this savings spectacular from pretty Mir. Wow. Finally, my Dyson upright will have a friend.

  5. Worth every penny. I love my Dyson. I do volunteer work for seniors, most of it cleaning, and I have cleaned some horrendously dirty apartments and left new-looking carpet behind.

  6. I must put my reading glasses on, or I must become less obsessed with the Green and Gold. Or both. At first glance, I could have sworn the promo code read FAVRE07, and wondered why it wasn’t FAVRE04.
    Must. Sleep.

  7. Just a little coupon/price-match info for ya’….

    Sears will take (in store) the LnT 20% coupon on Dysons that both stores carry as a price-match. Which means you also get an extra 10% of the difference. 🙂 And… The Dysons come with a 5 year guarantee. If you buy from LnT you need to find an authorized Dyson service person or ship it out to be fixed (massive shipping $$$) if you want warranty-covered service. If you buy it from Sears, you can take it to one of their service centers and you’re completely covered for the 5 years. HTH!

  8. I lusted for this when I first saw it, but the reviews for the hand vac haven’t looked so promising. Which is sad, because I love my Dyson upright dearly, and if someone as averse to housework as I am says she loves a vacuum cleaner, you can be assured it is a very, very good vacuum cleaner.

    I’m still holding out for the Dyson-Roomba lovechild.

  9. I have to stop reading you. I ADORE my Dyson. Best purchase I ever made! I’ve had one since 2003 and I love, love, LOVE it. How can I resist this handheld??!!??

  10. Okay, the link is not working and I’m not seeing it in their list of vaccums. What am I doing wrong?

  11. LNT no longer has the deal but if you still have to have it, Circuit City has it for $99.00.

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