And even more toy deals!

By Mir
December 7, 2007

Just a few more quickies, because the prices! They’re so good, I can hardly stand it!

Jumbo Tinker Toys set for $9.99 (63% off)
Fisher Price Little People Camping Adventure set for $8.40 (60% off) and Zoo Train for $6.80 (60% off) (thanks, Kim!)
Hasbro rocking giraffe for $10 (60% off)
Various Imaginext dinosaurs are marked way down. (Roaaaaar!)

Okay, really leaving now. Really.


  1. Oh Mir, you are killing me. I SWORE to my husband that I was DONE shopping. Then you give me discount dinosaurs AND Tinkertoys at 60% off??? How can I resist? Amazon shopping is like crack.

    Hope you get your power back soon!

  2. Crack indeed…I thought I was done too…Now I am buying Bday gifts for NEXT year! Anyone have an idea though, I am $2.22 from free shipping….what can I add?

  3. I am filling up my gift closet today! My husband is going to be upset! But he will be relieved when we are invited to yet another birthday party, and I just grab a gift out of the closet, stick it in a recycled gift bag (yes, I save those), and go. Well, he probably won’t think about the convenience compared to when we used to have to rush to the store right before the party, but you can be sure I will remind him. “Honey, isn’t this so much better than when we used to have to actually go shopping for a present? Aren’t you glad I have this gift closet now? And this was only $6, compared to the $20 or so we would have spent at the store. Not to mention other things we would have picked up while shopping.”

  4. Kerri – There are a ton of Hasbro games marked down to $4.

  5. great thanks…will be checking both those out!

  6. well I ended up spending more time on there and buying 5 gifts for $40. (gift closet stuff for spring bday parties…) Thanks again!

  7. I bought 2 cookie cooling racks for 5.99 to make it to my $25.00 minimum for free shipping. They will come in handy for all my holiday baking.

  8. this was great – came right at the same time as a gift certificate, and now about half the cousins are bought for. Who decided it was a good idea to only buy for kids when there are dozens of kids?

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