It’s not really toys, because it’s instruments

By Mir
December 7, 2007

Yeah… that’s it. These aren’t more Amazon toy deals. They’re musical instruments, you know….

Blue Man Group keyboard for $21.99 (73% off) (this is very highly rated, and a fun choice if you can stand a bit of musical mayhem)
Power Tour Guitar for $20.99 (70% off)
Fisher Price I Can Play Guitar in purple for $48 (60% off)

Also? I lied. Because this Tekno puppy and this Tekno kitty are toys. But at 69% and 60% off, I had to throw ’em in there. (Still trying to decide if that would be too mean, in response to my children’s unrelenting begging for a pet….)


  1. Perfect! I ordered the keyboard and power tour guitar for my nephews. Cross them off the list (and hope my sister doesn’t kill me for all the noisemakers!)

  2. I greatly, greatly appreciated your Amazon toy links. As an AVID Amazon buyer I could not believe I didn’t see the Hasboro Giraffe for 10.00! It was 30.00 on sale at Toys R Us. It was in my amazon shopping cart before I knew it. My son will love it and my husband, protector of the checking account, will love you for the suggestion.

  3. Ok, spending $25 on that site is TOO EASY! And, the thing is, I NEEDED a keyboard. I actually had it on my list to buy this weekend, because my niece wanted one. Another shopping trip checked off. Thank you sooo much!

  4. I love the toy deals, too! It’s just too bad that the Tekno Kitty isn’t furry…. if my 3 yr old had a furry one, he might leave the family cat alone, lol.

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