Got DVDs?

By Mir
December 10, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Need to archive some data, or burn some DVDs for friends or relatives? Wondering when you’ll run across a great media deal again? Wonder no more! How does a TDK 50-Pack 16x DVD+R Disc Spindle for $7.99 sound?

Ship it to the store and pick it up for no additional fee, or have it shipped for another $5. The regular price is $32, so it’s a deal either way. Just comes down to whether you’d rather have your time or $5.


  1. The link won’t connect for me! What store has this great deal? My husband burns DVD’s ALL the time!

  2. When I go to the link, it says $9.99. Still a great deal. Thanks!

  3. Karen, it’s Best Buy. If you put your cursor on the link without clicking on it, somewhere in all the mumbojumbo you’ll see bestbuy.

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