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By Mir
December 11, 2007

Why yes, this is another post of Amazon deals. (Man. How do they keep dropping the prices? They’re killing me!)

Anyway, here’s some cheap games I’ve spotted this morning:

These hand-held games are probably worth what you’ll pay for them (not much), but they might be fun for a bit.

Got a Transformers fan? Check out Transformers Chess (60% off) or Transformers Risk (70% off), or Transformers Robot Fighters (70% off).

How about the Simpsons? Get Simpsons Game of Life (75% off), Clue (70% off), or Sorry (75% off).

Yahtzee! More specifically, Yahtzee Folio or Yahtzee Turbo (both 70% off).

Must… control… twitching… fingers….


  1. My friend and I have just recently instituted a weekly game night. We get together with our kids and play board games and card games and whatever else we can think of that is not video or computer games or television. So I am really benefitting from these markdowns. Thanks for pointing them out to me. I have been looking at these games but the prices fluctuate so much these days! I just recently bought the Parcheesi game for kids for $4; yesterday it was back up to over $10, and now it is back down to $3. I will have to email to get my $1 price adjustment. 🙂

  2. Just a reminder to everyone about Amazon and their price changing. It is a good idea every few days to go to your account, check your order history, and click on the items you purchased to see if the prices have changed. There are services you can sign up for, but I just make it a habit to check my history and compare the current product page with what I paid for it. You can email them with the price changes and request that the lower prices be reflected on your previous order. Sometimes you may be surprised that something you ordered now costs twice what you paid for it. I wouldn’t recommend emailing them to ask to charge you more, though. 🙂 I learned all this from Mir, so I bow down to her infinite wisdom and prettiness.

  3. I just emailed Amazon and asked for a $12.75 refund on two games where the price dropped. Woohoo!!!! Thanks!

  4. It’s funny how these things work. The Simpsons’ versions of these games are pretty cheap, but the original versions remain pretty high. However, the original Operation is pretty cheap, $7.99 at the time I’m writing this, but the Simpsons’ and other versions are pretty expensive. I guess it all depends on when you shop.

  5. We wanted to get the “Life” game for our daughter but it sold out. Now she gets a Simpson version for way less money! Thanks Mir!

  6. got yahtzee turbo last christmas and still loving it!

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