Amazon cannot possibly be making any money

By Mir
December 12, 2007

I have to share this because it’s too funny to keep to myself.

So you know how a few days ago one of the gazillion Amazon deals I shared was deeply discounted cookie sheets on the 4-for-3 deal?

If you know me, you know I likes me some cookies. You may or may not also know that I’ve been baking on some cookie sheets that were a wedding gift… from my first wedding. (Let’s do the math: Hello, 14-year-old cookie sheets!) So I went ahead and picked up 4 new cookie sheets for a grand total of $18.

The first funny thing is that I didn’t pay much attention to the sheet size, and each sheet is easily the size of two of my old sheets. So I now have enough cookie sheets to bake for the entire eastern seaboard.

The second funny thing is that Amazon sent each sheet in a separate box. This is one of the things that drive me insane about Amazon, all the boxes. But recall what I said above—the sheets are really large. And boxes are huge (easily large enough for 8 sheets apiece). So I opened the door for my kids this afternoon and there was a stack of boxes there taller than they are. And the kids got very excited, and were crushed to discover the tower of boxes was… really only four cookie sheets.


  1. My garage is full of Amazon boxes… husband thinks I must have ordered enough Christmas presents for 5 seperate families, but it really wasn’t that much stuff. Why do they send a box large enough to hold a weeks worth of groceries with only a small memory card in it?

  2. I’m thinking about taking all these huge Amazon boxes and covering them with contact paper to make big fort-building blocks, kind of like Imagibricks?

  3. I agree with you. Amazon ships dinky little items in huge boxes. Pampered Chef is just as bad. I ordered a little sandwich cutter, it can fit in the palm of my hand yet it was delivered in a box big enough for 2 dvd players.

  4. What waste, really!

  5. Oh staples sent me a small plastic rular in its own 12x5x8ish box. And a seperate box another day for a thing of staples. Seriously some of these places blow my mind.

  6. Hopefully your town recycles cardboard. That’s the only thing that keeps me from feeling guilty about all the boxes!

  7. I had a similar experience with ordering 3 flat lego “sheets” for the kids to build houses on from Amazon. Each came in it’s own huge boxes. Such a waste of resources!

  8. I just told my hubby yesterday that the mail person must think I have ordered so much too. They must curse me daily, but really , it’s amazon, not me!

  9. I hear you! My spare room upstairs is starting to look like an Amazon warehouse. Thank goodness for cardboard recycling!

  10. Do the cookie sheets fit in your oven? That’s where I thought the story was headed . . . .

  11. I inherited some fantastic cookie sheets when my MIL moved to a fancy new house with TWO ovens – and the ovens were too small for her deluxe cookie sheets. La dee dah. Hope you have a humongous ginormous oven. 🙂

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