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By Mir
December 12, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I know that I just posted about the latest promotion over at, but it just got so much better it’s crazy.

First, you can get $25 worth of dining goodness for just $5 with the 50% off coupon code STOCKING—which you already knew.

Second, every time you do that between now and midnight on December 13th (which, sorry, I cannot tell from the email whether they mean midnight tonight or tomorrow… I’d suggest ordering sooner rather than later), you’ll also receive a $20 Dale & Thomas Popcorn certificate. All for $5 (and they take Paypal, too). Sweet!

Edited to add: The Dale & Thomas certificate will show up in your account within 24 hours (don’t fret that you’re not seeing anything about it when purchasing). At D&T, use coupon code GIFT to ship two or more items for free.


  1. Mir is so pretty!

    Can I mention that, if you take that certificate, and add any item to your cart, you’ll be offered a 12-pack sampler for $28 as you begin checkout?

    And that if you accept that amazing deal and then the original item in your shopping cart gets deleted, well, that special $28 deal stays in your shopping cart all alone?

    Pretty nifty.

  2. You finally got me to try with this one.

  3. Fuzzy, I just did exactly that… ta-da! Gifts for all of my kids teachers, delivered, for a total of $16!

    Thanks, Mir!

  4. It keeps taking the discount back off when I try to delete the second item So it would be 35 before gift card and shipping for the 12 pack…

  5. help! I’m not getting a dale and thomas offer when I put an item in the cart . . .?? I want it, help me pretty Mir!

  6. Site not accepting my code as valid. Help!

  7. It says to enter the Gift Certificate code in the “Gift Card” box on the payment type page in step 3 when you are checking out, not in the “promotion code” box. Does that help?

  8. I don’t get a “gift card” box anywhere in the process . . . so I tried on IE rather than my Safari, cleared my cookies, etc . . . tried over and over and I get nada except of course the 50% code working. where are you getting the Dale and Thomas thing to pop up?

  9. Plus, today D&T is having a 20% off your entire order (minimum two items) with coupon code “PRESENT”.

    These $20 certificates are good until April 30th! I’m stocking up! Although I wish I could stack them in a single order.

  10. The Dale & Thomas thing didn’t pop up for me… it didn’t appear until after I’d finished placing the order – it’s tough, I just had to have faith.

  11. I got the Dale and Thomas thing just fine, but their site won’t accept it. It says that the number does not exist. I tried it both the promotion and gift card fields, doesn’t work either way. The restaurant gift certificates made great stocking stuffers for my inlaws, though, so if the popcorn thing starts working, it will just be a nice bonus.

  12. Pffft. None of the restaurants within a 25 mile radius of my house have any certificates left! I guess that’s a good thing for and a bad thing for me!

  13. Does anyone know if the D&T deal is still working with the purchase? It said midnight on the 13th…

  14. Never received the Dale popcorn offer via email. Whats up with that?

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