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By Mir
December 13, 2007

This sale has to end soon, for the sake of my schedule. Not to mention my marriage. Lord.

Anyway! Would you like some more toy deals? Of course you would. Please, allow me. It would be my pleasure.

This is a really cool gear set (70% off) for ages 7-11. If you have younger kids, the goofy grins (70% off) and boogie buddy (67% off) sets are for ages 5+.

These are not wood. No, really, they’re Knotwud! (Awesome foam block set, 70% off.)

This Melissa and Dough Dragon is only 60% off (isn’t it great when I don’t consider that a really good deal?), but it’s just so cool. (29″ long, too—it’s huge.)

How about some educational games? Check out dino math tracks (ages 6-9) or spill your guts (ages 7-10), both 70% off.

There’s plenty of Tamagotchi V4s marked down to $4.50; these are actually quite fun, and my kids have ones that cost a lot more, back from when they were new technology.

You know I am not a fan of Barbie, but… but… well, just look at these Fairyoke Wings! That’s really sort of cute. (And 70% off.)

I have a feeling the Friday Sale is going to be a letdown, after all of this….


  1. A dough dragon? Cool. 🙂

  2. That dragon is so cool! I almost bought it but choked on the $14 shipping.

  3. Woe. The dragon deal is gone now… and I had just decided my daughter (ie me) had to have it, even w/ the shipping.

    *mourning my Amazonian Hesitation Syndrome…*

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