And there it is, on sale and everything

By Mir
December 13, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

You know, after writing this post and mentioning my love of The Princess Bride, yesterday, it occurred to me to go look it up on Amazon.

I mean, everything else is on sale right now. Why not that?

And what do you know: The 20th Anniversary Edition is nearly half off right now. (Pssst! My husband gave me a copy of The Princess Bride for my first birthday that we were together. It’s truly a can’t-go-wrong kind of gift.)


  1. Thank you! This is my husband’s favorite!

  2. This is my hubby’s favorite (and one of our 7 year old’s favorites now too!) but I think I’ll pass. We have it on DVD and I’m done with stocking stuffers.

    Thanks for keeping us posted on all the holiday deals, Mir! I think I’m addicted to free shipping from amazon. I just ordered 2 sets of those flannel sheets yesterday.

  3. hey…do you know if they ever have Amazon Prime membership on a discount? i totally should have used that free trial when they were offering it….i know it’s $79 and it would TOTALLY pay for itself (heck, i’ve spent $10 on shipping alone for my past two transactions)…maybe i’ll treat myself after the holidays are over. lol. i did just pick up this dvd, though! 😀

    AND, i signed up for RefundPlease. aren’t you PROUD?!


  4. Mir, the Special Edition is going for even less, and apparently has much better features. We had it until it somehow broke recently, and I was going to order the 20th-anniversary edition until I read the review that said it had fewer features, since I love the features on the Special Edition. Just FYI!

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