Prices are dropping, get in or get adjustments

By Mir
December 13, 2007

I can scarcely keep track of all the Amazon deals, but I hope everyone who’s buying is using Refund Please to track their purchases for further price drops. Whenever something has a price drop within 30 days of shipping to you (not from the order date, which is important if it takes them a long time to ship), they will price adjust for you, no questions asked.

Anyway. If you scooped up some of the Play Along Club dolls the other day when I mentioned them at $7.99, they’ve dropped to just $6 apiece. Get those price adjustments! (Or if you were on the fence, consider this your sign.)

I myself have been trying really, really hard not to give in to the Blue Man Group percussion tubes, but they are now 70% off, and I am growing weak….


  1. Woo hoo! It is only $3.98 that I got adjusted but those pennies add up. You are so gosh darn pretty, Mir!

  2. Is there any service other than Refund Please? I’ve signed up for three different pricing alerts, and have never received anything from Refund Please, even though my Garmin nuvi 200 GPS fell from $203 (my original price) to $169.99 at one point. Had I relied on Refund Please, I’d not have gotten my $33 (16%) refund.

  3. Yeah, I’ve never received any alerts from Refund Please, either.

  4. Where on the Amazon site would I go to request a credit. I bought something that the price has dropped on, but don’t want to wait on an email with the link.

  5. Mir, you are AWESOME. I hadn’t releazed the Amazon 30 days was from shipping, not ordering. My refunds have really added up. Thanks!

  6. I was on the fence yesterday about those dolls, and my husband so kindly reminded me that my daughter doesn’t really play with dolls (not the human kind, anyway). But now that the price is reduced even more, I am reminded that I have tons of gift items in the gift closet for boys, but none for girls, and the parties to which we are invited are the majority of the time for girls. And they are just so darn cute. So thanks for letting me know about them!

  7. I hit so many Amazon deals lately that I didn’t get the chance to enter them all on R.P. – thanks for letting me know about the doll, 199 pennies back in my pocket and they sure do add up! *muah*

  8. Those dolls are so darn cute…I ordered the whole collection…I sure hope they are here in time for Christmas!

  9. Me too – I have never received an alert from Refund Please, even on items that I know have been reduced – am I doing something wrong? Do the emails get filtered out as spam, maybe? Any advice would be appreciated!

  10. Please, how do you let Amazon know you need a refund? I looked around on my account but I’m obviously not looking in the right place. Would you (or anyone) be so kind (and pretty) as to write up a quick tutorial?

    Thank you!

  11. I think I figured out a way to get to refunds through the returns link when looking at past purchases. I sent an email directly linked to the item in question, we’ll see if it gets a response.

  12. I ordered two mp3 players a couple of weeks ago at $89.99 each. I looked earlier today and they were $79.99 so I emailed requesting a refund. I just checked again and they’re $114.95 and I haven’t heard from Amazon. What are my chances of getting the refund?

  13. WooHoo! They came through with my $20. 🙂 Incidentally, the price is now $99; I think it’s crazy how quickly a price can change on their site.

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