By Mir
December 14, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

True to form, there is, indeed, a Friday Sale over at Amazon today.

Point of note: They’ve just removed the “Toys and Baby” section, perhaps in light of their difficult week of giving away toys to everyone. Heh.

Perhaps there’s something good in there for the rest of us…? Let’s find out!

Not exactly cheap, but 41% off (and the lowest price I’ve ever seen): this Sony DCR-SR200 camcorder gets excellent reviews.

I think I love this Anne Klein pea coat. Maybe because it has a hood (which is unusual), or maybe because it’s 64% off. It’s a toss-up. (Want something a bit longer? This swingy walker coat is 68% off!)

Want a smarter dog? Apparently you should train ’em up with an Iqube. I had no idea. (For further doggie indignity, don’t forget the Santa suit.)

Here’s something I forgot to mention during yesterday’s post about what to buy for men; most guys I know get entirely too excited by a fancy weather station. (Slightly less fancy, and not part of the Friday sale, but how about a self-setting projection clock?) (Also not in the Friday Sale, but a possible “guy gift” at a great price—how about all three seasons of Arrested Development for $29.99?)

It’s comforting to know that if my son never learns to ride his bike, eventually we can just get him one of these.

I have no idea why this topiary is 83% off. I mean, who wouldn’t want some fake foliage planted in a shoe? Excuse me, Santa’s boot. That makes it all okay.

Here’s a great price on a serious coffeemaker, great for a small office or a big caffeine addict.

This bamboo cutting board would be a great filler item if you’re looking to get your order up to $25 for free shipping; it’s pretty, and who doesn’t need a cutting board?

I’m hoping the toy deals will slow down today, but we’ll see. (I need some rest!)


  1. Monkey WILL learn to ride a bike–do not despair. 🙂

    I have been thinking weather station for my hubby (what IS it with men?) and if you are too, you might also consider those over at LLBean. They still have free shipping and some of the versions come in fun colors.

    Happy Friday all!

  2. Did you see that they have the New Crayola® Color Wonder™ Sprayer on sale for 12.50 on Amazon?

  3. Hey Mir, I just wanted to tell you that ever since you wrote about I have been addicted to amazon and that site. However, the last few times I’ve been due a refund they haven’t emailed me about it. I just thought you may want to let your readers know to double check their orders to see if they are due for a refund! I’ve found nearly thirty bucks that they didn’t tell me about!


  4. I never heard from about anything I ordered either. Yesterday I found $4 I was owed but they never emailed me – so thanks for reminding me to go check for price cuts!

  5. OHMYGOSH thanks so much for the heads up on Arrested Development for only 30 bucks!! I instantly ordered that one. Not for gift-giving though — this one is all mine!

  6. Mir-

    I just bought that very same weather station thingy yesterday for $54.99! What can I do to get the price it is listed at today?

  7. Opps! Sorry!
    I read the comments above and I am headed to!

  8. OK, I’m looking at the Arrested Development offer put the price is $49.99. Is the deal gone?

  9. darn. I’ve been watching for Arrested Development since they had it for $25 last Christmas. It looks like it’s gone already. I put it in at (at the usual $60 price), but it didn’t notify me today that it was lower.

  10. Hi Mir, your prettiness,
    I loved the weather station for my husband – it’s so him! -and put it in my cart as soon as I saw it. I couldn’t finish my order then, and when I just went back to finalize my order, there was a note that the price had increased to $54.99. I don’t understand it, but I thought your readers should know.

  11. As for the bike (trike), you could get him a cooler-looking one that rides just as easily. It’s called a Joyrider and it’s made by Trailmate. How do I know? Well, my son (visually impaired and austistic) rides one. He loves it, and so do we.

  12. I WANT a grown-up tricycle, but my husband forbids it until I turn at least 70 yeasrs old!

  13. I love that iqube! I got one for Hooper. Although, if you have a destruct-o-dog like Hooper, it’s really not such a great toy. But the little santa hats almost make it worth it…

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