Alright Amazon, just STOP IT

By Mir
December 15, 2007

I actually have stuff to do today, so my time combing through the deals is going to be sort of limited. Thank goodness. I feel sort of hungover. I think that’s just the cold I have, but it could be a result of overdosing on deals. (I feel so dirty.)

If you’re tired of toys, there’s a ton of kitchen and dining markdowns that are too numerous for me to list. If you have some time and some money to burn, you might want to go have a look.

Did you get your kid a Leapster last year (like every other parent on the planet)? If you’re willing to overlook the fact that Amazon seems to have forgotten how to sort by price (Amazon, I do not think that word means what you think it means), there are plenty of Leapster cartridges deeply discounted right now.

I spent the better part of two months and about $50 on a karaoke machine for my daughter, so of course this one is now 65% off. Hmph. (Word to the wise—this is not as fully-functioned as most karaoke players, but it does have “extra” features like judging, which would be really fun for a kid who’s a big American Idol fan.)

The Cranium Super Forts are a hot toy this year, and while the jungle fort is not quite as versatile as some of the others, at 65% off it’s hard to be too critical.

Need a Lite Brite for a big kid? People are buying Lite-Brite FX Flash Art as a retro decor item for grown-ups, looks like. I’m not sure why. But hey, it’s 75% off. (This Spiderman one is even cheaper, if you’d rather.)

These purse pals remind me of the old-time Polly Pockets, like the ones I had as a little kid (not today’s skanky ones). I think that since they’re animals, it’s harder to make them sleazy. Heh.

And winning the prize for Most Likely To Cause Your Small Child to Swoon When Found Under the Tree on Christmas Morning—Tek Nek Lightning Spring Horse. At 70% off. (Man. Is this where I tell you that when I was a kid, rocking horses weren’t soft and cushy, and they sure as heck didn’t have sound effects? Also, we had to walk uphill both ways in the snow to get to ours, you know.)

If my daughter were a bit younger, I would totally buy this bunny hop Madame Alexander doll and save it for her Easter basket. Sooooo cute. Sooooo 70% off.

Need a toddler gift? The cuteness, it hurts me: Moo Mower (70% off).

Keep in mind that you’re cutting it close for Christmas shipping, at this point, but you can always upgrade (or get a jump on your shopping for next year)….


  1. A wee bit younger? I looked at this doll and thought I should get it for my daughter who just turned 21! It could be a companion to her American Girl Bitty Baby doll, the one she plans to give to her own daughters some day…if she can give it up.

  2. Oh, how I love thee! I just took ADVANTAGE of your Leapster tip. Now, off to the store to return the one I bought for FULL PRICE. I got THREE for the price of THAT ONE!! You’re the best!

  3. make it stop! Make it stop! I don’t need anything more but I can’t let these deals go by. Amazon is just evil, don’t you love it?

  4. I beginning to feel like a real junkie at this point.

  5. Christmas? Check.
    Toys for Tots donations? Check.
    My kids’ birthdays for the next two years? Check.
    Fully stocked gift closet? Checck.
    Presents for children as yet unborn…perhaps even a few that haven’t even been conceived and/or planned for? Check/
    Okay…I’m having a hard time finding any other reasons to justify going to Amazon…Please, stop!

  6. Laura, do what I do and just say you’re looking for refunds on stuff you already bought. 🙂

  7. The spring horse was out of stock – but it’s back in stock now at the $24 price (free shipping w/$25 order)

  8. The horse is up to $63. Too late, Amazon, I already bought 2! Woohoo! One to ride and one to eat when the credit card bills come in January. Anyone have receipes for horse meat? Yummy, furry horsemeat?

    I maybe a little giddy over this deal. I wanted a big gift for a couple of new babies in my life but wasn’t getting the wow factor for what I could shell out. This is lousy with wow. Thanks, Mir!

  9. I know what you mean about the hungover feeling. I went rushing to Amazon this morning to look for DEALS DEALS MORE DEALS!! and then was like, meh, bleah, I don’t FEEL like doing any more shopping. Too much adrenaline.

  10. Oooooh when I checked earlier the horse was $24.00. By the time I got hold of my son to check if the grandbaby would like it, it is now $69.00! Bad Amazon bad amazon..

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