Fly fly fly

By Mir
December 17, 2007

Most remote-controlled plane toys are expensive, and all I can think when I see them is that it must be painful to see all of that money get stuck in a tree or crash on the pavement. I’m pragmatic like that.

But at $5 a pop, I’d be willing to try ’em out. Check out the Tyco remote-controlled planes currently 70% off at Amazon, if you’re so inclined. (The $9 one comes with two bodies; I guess the Sky Force line is all interchangeable pieces.)


  1. Sorry, price already changed. It now says save $9, not on sale for $9. Which stinks because my hubby and boys love to fly these together!

  2. I swear your blog is evil. I have been done shopping for my sons for over a month or two thanks to your blog yet you keep posting things he would like!
    When will the madness end?!

  3. Arrrg price has already gone up..

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