These dolls make my ovaries hurt

By Mir
December 17, 2007

Seriously, if you can look at these Madame Alexandar dolls and not feel at least a slight twinge (look at the Christmas ones! so cute!), you are dead on the inside.


  1. Oh so that’s what that feeling is. The feeling of dead.

    hee hee

  2. Completely twingeless. Oh dear.

  3. Oooh, that bunny hop doll…and the doll with the radio flyer is adorable. But the ovaries? Nope. They’re fine.

  4. I feel twinges but I think they are fear and nausea…those are some creepy looking dolls!

  5. noooo! Why do you find these cool things once I’ve decided I’m finished? I love the British one. If only they had 3 in that price range…

    Every Christmas I would get a Madame Alexander doll from my grandmother. I accumulated about a dozen, and now my girls get to hold them sometimes. Their mean mom hasn’t bought them any, but I figure they’ve got the AG dolls, so they aren’t totally bereft.

  6. Hey Mir – I like them!

  7. I actually snagged up the bunny one when it was a gold box deal a couple of weeks ago for $22. I have 2 daughters with Feb/March birthdays so I’ll probably save it and give it to one of them on their birthday.

  8. I was also looking at the bunny one when it was a gold box deal. My mother-in-law collects Madame Alexander dolls. I decided against it for her Christmas gift because it wasn’t Christmas-y. So thanks for letting us know about the Christmas-y ones. Even after paying for two-day shipping (which is normally against my religion on Amazon!), it is still a great deal.

  9. Wow! I just checked, and the Christmas-y dolls are up to $60 and $70 today. Great I got it last night! Thanks again!

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