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By Mir
December 17, 2007
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If you’re in the market for an iPod Touch (ooooh… shiny!), the 8 GB Touch is currently $269.99 and the 16 GB Touch is currently $368.99 at Amazon. Both come with free shipping and $5 of free Amazon MP3 downloads (which is sort of amusing, because I’m not sure you can use the Amazon format on an iPod).

For reference, these cost $299 and $399 (plus shipping) on the Apple site.

Also, you’re welcome, because it was my finally succumbing and buying my very first iPod that caused them to come out with a whole new version the next week. Of course.


  1. I’m with you on buying one and then of course they come out with a new version. My husband just got me one at the beginning of the month for my birthday and WHAM!! (wake me up before you go, go, oh I digress) they make a new one.

  2. Wow, that’s weird looking. I kinda like my spin wheel version better. I have a nano and of course a month or so after I bought mine, they come out with video nano. *sigh*

  3. Thanks for this infor. I bought one for my husband from the Apple store, that one will be returned. The one from Amazon is much less expensive when you include the tax I had to pay at the Apple store.

  4. You can indeed use the Amazon MP3s on iPods.

  5. Now, it’s $359.99 on Amazon, so request your price adjustments!

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