Cheap jammies for the kids

By Mir
December 20, 2007

Holy cow, I have never seen these go so low—get your hands on gorgeous organic cotton jammies from Garnet Hill for just $6 a pair, here. That’s 70% off! (Also get the coordinating toddler one-pieces for $6, too.)

Edited to add: Buying a bunch? Use coupon code G6KMENT to take $10 off your $50+ order!


  1. holy cow! i clicked right on over there and ordered some for my favorite little boy. 🙂

    what an awesome deal!

  2. Holy cow that’s a good deal–and I feel like I’m ALWAYS buying pjs, so it’s nice to buy ahead. They have some cute ones there! And thanks for the Toddler link, even though he won’t need pjs (can we say “hand me downs!”), it’s nice to get matching ones for next year. Christmas photos maybe?

  3. um, I didn’t see Barbie2be’s comment until after I posted, not trying to copy her Holy cow. But really, that is SUCH a deal!!!

  4. Just ordered 3 pairs for next year! Thanks!

  5. Thanks! I ordered 5 pairs, some for this year and some for next year.

  6. Awesome deals! You can never have enough PJs. Thanks so much!

  7. anyone know how their sizing runs?

  8. Stocked up on PJ’s for the kids….Woohoo! Been needing PJ’s but couldn’t find anything priced decently around here.

    Note: If you spend $100 or more use code M7KS132 to get $20 off.

  9. Mir, you are going to make me drain my bank account. But at least we’ll be cute and warm in our PJs, all snuggled up head to toe in one bed, a la Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    Who ran off with all the moss stripe toddler one pieces, btw? Dang.

  10. Amazing! I just got $312 worth of spring/summer clothes for $90! Woohoo!

  11. Update: I just called to see if I could apply the $10 off coupon code after the fact, and they did it with no problem. Great customer service!

  12. Amy – I’ll take part of the blame for the moss stripe shortage. 🙁 I got that color in two sizes for my little guy.

    What a great deal – thanks!!!

  13. OMGosh — the toy clearance has FRACTILES 7 for $18 — that is SUPER CHEAP!!! My almost 7 year old LOVEs them and I bought them on Amazon last month (and I didn’t pay $18! GRRR)

  14. Spaceships! Squeeeeee!

    (and $12 matching sweaters for my big gal and little boy. Plus enough other stuff to use that $10 coupon. Mir, you’re killing me– rather, my husband is going to when he sees this month’s kid-spendfest.)

  15. Whooohoo! Serious pajama rama for my four year old and infant (for the future). Got $50 plus the $10 coupon equals less than $5 per pair (even cheaper than Target!)
    LOVE IT!

  16. You maybe a bad influence. I have become an amazon addict and I also just bought like 8 pairs of pj’s and some of those wool boots off of oprah ….. all because of you …… it’s okay if I tell my husband that …. right?

  17. Ooooh …. got my girls 4 sets of PJs each for next year … cheaper than Target, cheaper than Old Navy, cheaper than just about anywhere!

  18. Pjs for the littlest guy here and some sleepwear for me and my daughter, too! With the discount, even the shipping didn’t put us over the $50.00 mark.

    Hooray! We’re going to be on the West Coast for Christmas, so I just had it all shipped there…less to pack on the way out there!

    Thanks Mir!

  19. Great deal! Set for next year’s Christmas jammie purchase. Well, for the 3 girls anyway. The boy wouldn’t be caught dead in something with rockets all over it. Why does he have to be so grown up?


  20. So sweet! I bought jammies for my boys in a bunch of sizes so they should be set for a good long while. 🙂 Thank you!

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