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By Mir
December 20, 2007

So, I know I’ve been highlighting a ton of deals at Amazon lately; after the holidays I assume they’ll stop with the crazy markdowns, and things will resume being a bit more balanced around here.

I may not have mentioned, but I have a horrible cold right now, and I am slow and sluggish and miserable (yet I continue with the deal-finding! for you, my beloveds!) and just not entirely on my game.

Still, it was a little unnerving when I hopped on Amazon this morning and this was one of my recommended products. How did they know? (Also: No. I’ll need to be a lot sicker to try that.)


  1. Too funny! BTW, I’ve been wondering — does Amazon do these crazy markdowns EVERY year right before Christmas? I waffled too long on some things and the price went back up… just wondering if I should mentally prepare for next yr.

  2. My mom has one of those and all I can say is EWWWW.

  3. M: Yes, it’s typical for them to have some price madness around Christmas, and also usually in the dead of summer they’ll do a big toy clear-out, as well.

  4. OK…I know the thought of this thing is totally gross, but I tell you it works! I was desperate one time with lots of congestion and junk in my head, so I tried it. It feels like you dove in the ocean and got water up your nose, so initially it burns a bit, but then then relief you get from getting the junk out – whew!!!
    So, when you get desperate, I say – try it!

  5. Mir, seriously, it does work. Actually, I think I should break mine out. It feels really weird, but it works so well. My husband–who usually gets at least one bad sinus infection a year–swears by it.

  6. The gross factor is high, but I’ll evangelize in favor of the neti pot (which is what that item is). If you suffer from sinus infections and allergies, this thing is a godsend. You’ll actually be able to breathe a bit after using it. I find that all of my own sinus infections clear up on their own within about 10 days with two or three times per day flushes with plain saline, and sans antiobiotics. The same is true of my five year old. (Although we use a squeeze bottle with the kid.) Kid had a constantly running nose and congestion. Now, when symptoms start, we begin flushing. All clear in 7-10 days, again, without drugs.

    Don’t knock if you haven’t tried it. (As a deal, you can get a similar Sinucleanse model at your local CVS/Walgreens for around the same price.)

  7. Oh pretty one…that gross thing WORKS. You must at least try it. And, if you have a sinus headache…it goes completely away within a couple of minutes of using it…all without medicine.

  8. Try this one instead: http://www.neilmed.com/ My son’s ENT had him start using it a while ago before he uses Nasonex. What do ya know–no more fluid in his ears! His meds actually reach the tissue it is suppose to be medicating. I’ve used it when I’m congested and boy does it work. This design is much easier to use. And it’s not any grossier than blowing your nose 5,000 times/day.

  9. I ue the NeilMed one all the time. It’s awesome!!

  10. Oh, it’s so not pretty, but it’s reduced my sinus infections from 3-5 per year to exactly zero.

  11. Hmmmm. More than a month and a half of mucous trouble and this has me thinking.

  12. Do it, Kristi! Plain and simple, it works. (I actually use a small tea pot.) Rather that going “Ewwww!” you could be sighing “Ahhhh!” with relief.

  13. they reran the oprah show where dr. oz endorsed this just the other day. (i have one too)

  14. i couldn’t figure out how to use the neti pot so i got the neil-med system. it works much better for me.

  15. Don’t knock the neti pot till you’ve tried and witnessed its wonders. I used to be grossed out, too, but this year we are converts.

  16. Okay, I’ve heard all kinds of good things about these. I might just have to get one. If I can get past the “eww” factor, that is.

  17. I actually have that neti pot. It is so worth getting over the ick factor! Good price too!

  18. Pretty Mir,

    You know how when the cold is over it still isn’t over? It lingers on with cough and snort? Well, if you had a neti pot, the cold would be over when it was over, and not hang on for a long time.

    I got this very pot, just in time to learn to use it before I had a cold. Said cold lasted just four days, as opposed to the 10-14 that mine usually last.

    If that isn’t enough to sway you, imagine bending over the sink, using the pot, when your cat decides to play in the water running from your nose. Do you know how hard it is to use a neti pot when you’re laughing???

    (What do you mean you don’t have a cat? What are you, some kind of communist???)

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