Down to the wire!

By Mir
December 21, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Listen, it’s time for the Amazon Friday Sale, and this can go one of two ways. If you’re ready for Christmas, maybe you see a nice little something for yourself, you know? But if you’re not ready for Christmas, you may want to pay through the nose for 1-day shipping. That could be painful. (I never understood how a person pays through her nose, but after yesterday’s Neti pot discussion, I think I’ll just stop right there.)

[Also, I am pleased to report that I nearly broke my husband’s Mixmaster while making a double batch of molasses cookies yesterday. The next time this hot little number comes up on a deal, Merry Christmas to me.]

Anyway. Let’s get to it.

The reviews on this trio of Black and Decker lawn tools are stupendous. The fact that they’re over half off doesn’t hurt, either.

How about a Skil router for 74% off? (I don’t really know what one does with a router, but my husband always lights right up when he sees one, so it must be something good.)

They’ve got the Leatherman Squirt marked down quite a bit… actually, lots of Leathermans are marked way down. As are lots of the Swiss Army gadgets.

Three horrifying little words: velour elf chemise. (People, there are better—and by “better,” I mean “less tacky”—ways to celebrate.)

This is a great price (half off!) on kids’ snowshoes for those of you suckers living in snowy climes.

32 Duracell AA batteries for $17.99. Make it even better—buy 2 packs and then find another Duracell filler to get your total up to $39+, and take another $10 off with coupon code DURDEC07.

Great starter Circulon cookware set for 84% off. I just replaced a couple of my Circulon skillets a few months ago; they were nearly 15 years old.

Dude… I can’t get over this Toaststation Toaster; it’s so fantastic-looking. (It’s toastational!)

They still have the cheap flannel sheets in stock! (Maybe you need some pillows to go with ’em, too. You’re welcome.)

Aaaaaaand… that’s it. Posting will be light the next few days as I schlep my family off into the holiday madness. I want to say a big thank you to everyone who’s been shopping with me through the holiday season, here; it’s been a lot of fun! Happy holidays and safe travels to all of you, my pretty readers.


  1. Many thanks for the Garnet Hill PJ tip–I loaded up for my three kids–what a deal!

  2. Mir, thanks so much for helping us not only find STUFF but SAVE while we buy it. You’ve done good. Real good. Off into the sunset you go. Merry Christmas!

  3. many thanks to you for all the deals! This Christmas would’ve been very sparse if we didn’t have you around!

    Of course, my kids have been begging for snow shoes. Not today, even at that markdown. I’m lusting after the flannel sheets, though…

    I have to go to Target on the Saturday before Christmas. *twitch*

  4. Merry Christmas!
    Sit back and enjoy unwrapping all of your gorgeous deals! Rest assured that you’ve made many readers’ holiday much more pretty with all of the deals that you have shared with us! Thank You very much!

  5. Thank you thank you thank you, Mir! It’s been an online, discounted Xmas this year! You helped keep me out of the stores, where I’d pick up stuff I didn’t need, and you saved me money at the same time!

    Just last night, I was telling my husband about the adorable outfit I got at Crazy 8 for his friends’ son, and he said, “I don’t know where you hear about these online stores.” I said, “On my deals website!” His response? “You and your deals website! You’re addicted to Want Not!” And he’s absolutely right.

    (Of course, little does he know that fully half of his Christmas gifts this year were found in exactly this spot.)

    So thanks, Mir! Enjoy the break! You deserve it!

  6. Thanks for everything, Mir. You deserve a break from this! Happy Holidays!

  7. Yeah! What they said!

  8. merry Christmas to you and yours, too, and THANK YOU hugely for saving us so much dough this season! 🙂

  9. I don’t comment nearly enough, because I’m always flying from your post to a shopping deal, and then I don’t think to come back. But I have bought many, many things this year on great deals BECAUSE OF YOU, and thank you for that.

  10. Thank you for all the fabulous deals, Mir, and have a happy holiday with all the family!

  11. Thank you Mir for all of your hard work! I wouldn’t be providing the splendid Christmas that I am without all of your insight…

    I bow to your shopping prowess:)


  12. “You and your deals website! You’re addicted to Want Not!”

    Hmm…and what exactly is wrong with that, I ask my hubby?!? 🙂 My addiction could be a whole lot worse. (I do think it’s bad sometimes when I start a sentence off with: “WantNot today said….”

    And yes, THANK YOU, Mir, for providing us with this addiction and helping us save $$$. I just love and appreciate that I can save while cracking up at your wittiness! Happy Holidays!! WTH…I know you aren’t Jewish, so MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  13. Thanks for helping a certain Texan (and a myriad of others)stay out of the poor house and seem awfully generous!

  14. I have the Toastation (in red) and I love it! Great price.

  15. Mir, thank you, oh pretty one. I’ve gotten tons and tons of deals from you this year. I believe there’s a few present under the tree courtesy of you!

  16. Mir–
    All of your bargains rock, but I have to say that I think I make up in volume, what I do in savings, b/c of course I have to get like 50% of the deals you mention on your website! And, I can always justify that there is some occasion for one of your many deals (except for maybe the velvet elf– YIKES!) Anyway, have a terrific holiday and I look forward to being in even more credit card debt as the year continues 😉 Many thanks!

  17. Happy Holidays and many thanks! I wish you a happy and healthy and single-mortgage-kind-of 2008.

  18. If my family only knew the impact that you have had on their Christmas, they would probably write letters to Santa Mir…

    Thanks so much for your site and for your tremendous sense of humor. Enjoy the holidays, and all the best in 2008!


  19. Long live WantNot!

  20. Thanks Mir, for finding us great deals in 2007. I’ve been telling all my hair clients about you this holiday season and all the fabulous deals you find. I’m sure they will be on and spending money just like me!

    Here’s to 2008! Cheers.

  21. Merry Christmas, pretty girl!

  22. A merry toast to the very pretty Mir, who makes gifting an affordable joy!

  23. Merry Christmas to you! Enjoy opening your Amazon boxes…I mean your presents.

  24. Thanks! You are the best- Merry Christmas!

  25. Mir – I think you’re going to save my skin and my wallet when it comes to shopping for my gourmet organic cooking sister. I checked out the Calphalon deal, which led me to look for a stockpot, and I think I’ve found the perfect Calphalon solution. Thanks!

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