If only all memory was this easy

By Mir
December 31, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Imagine if—as a busy mom—you could just pick up some extra memory for yourself, like a little something to plug in so that you not only manage to work a full day, get the kids’ homework checked and shuffle them to various activities, but you also remember to make dinner. Wouldn’t that be great? (I usually manage everything on that list but then get back home and realize I forgot to cook anything. Oops!)

Well, I don’t really know of a good way to expand that kind of memory, but I do know that right now at Buy.com you can pick up a 2-pack of 2GB thumb drives for $19.99 shipped. It won’t get dinner made, but they are pretty handy.


  1. Buy.com added shipping charges (even though the icon says would be free of shipping charges).

  2. You have to select the budget shipping to get free shipping.

  3. What a deal! Thanks for that one, Mir. I’ve placed my order. (And thanks for the note about budget shipping, Karen.)

  4. Hm. I could keep my gradebook on one, pictures on another…this could be handy.

  5. Oh, yes. I blame many lapses on being out of RAM, myself. (My kids just roll their eyes at me — don’t know where they learned THAT.) Happy New Year!

  6. My son made a purchase using Google checkout ($10 off) for a total of $9.99 (free shipping).


  7. Several years ago I got my husband a T-shirt from Think Geek — “Insufficient Memory”. He wears it proudly.

  8. Looks like the price was for New Years Eve; it’s up to $30 now. Great deal for those who got it, though.

    The problem with those little suckers is it’s easy for SOMEONE in the household to forget them in pockets. Just yesterday, I pulled one out of the dryer. It was the second time it happened…

  9. Hey, it turns out both drives that went through the washter AND dryer survived with information intact! Solid state: You gotta love it.

  10. Thank you so much for this! My DH is so excited to get the drives–and I used Google checkout for an addtional $10 off. Suh-weet!

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