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By Mir
January 3, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Does the trunk of your car look like a bomb hit it? You may be wanting one of those handy car trunk organizer things, but are unwilling to pay a ton of money for it. Or, maybe you—like me—live somewhere warm enough that it’d be smart to tote around a small cooler just in case you decide to stop at the store for milk but still have to run a bunch more errands before you get back home.

Check out the trunk organizer or cooler from One Step Ahead. Yeah, they’re a baby/kid store, but this is just a bag for your trunk. No frou-frou involved, I promise. (Both items are listed there; scroll down to see the options.) Both have been marked down to just $3.95 from $14.95. Shipping starts at $5.75, but you can use coupon code JNRYBDAY to take 15% off your order and lessen the shipping sting, a little.

(P.S. Hi! I’m back! Will get to addressing all of your awesome suggestions and such later today.)


  1. Mir,
    Is is just me or is the link for One Step Ahead not working? JUst saying.


  2. It worked for me! I picked up 4 of the cooler one and 1 of the duffle. No, they’re not all for me. But at that price I also bought one of the cooler organizers for my husband and two for gifts. Thanks, Mir!

  3. Got mine- the duffles are on backorder now- but who cares at that price?!

  4. thank you so much! i’ve bookmarked your page and shared your link w/ my mommy board. i ordered 3 of each. one for me, hubby and a gift!
    ty 🙂

  5. Picked up 2 of the coolers. Thx!

  6. Dang, it appears that the duffle is completely gone from the page now…

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