I am swearing off shoes, but you don’t have to

By Mir
January 3, 2008

It’s true. I got some really cute shoes (for cheap, natch) in 2007, and I’ve decided not to buy any more shoes for the foreseeable future. I have plenty and last month I bought each of the kids their next 2 pairs of sneakers. So we’re good. Instead, I’ll buy more cookies.

(Kidding! I’ve also vowed to eat better. I hate 2008 already!)

Anyway. We’re well-stocked on shoes here, but if you’re needing some new ones, you should know that right now Shoebuy is having an end-of-the-year blowout sale (though you’ll need to dig through the sale section to find the deals), plus you can use coupon code ENDYEAR07 through January 7th, 2008, to take an additional 20% off of your order.

I’ll just be over here, snacking on some celery.


  1. And growling fiercely at those with new, pretty shoes on their feet and cookies in their hand.

  2. *holds out hand for celery* May I join you on the shoe-and-cookie fast?

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