No, we shan’t be giving up the deals

By Mir
January 4, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Several of you expressed concern that maybe I would stop posting deals in favor of general advice stuff. Au contraire! For example, you’ll have to pry the Amazon Friday Sale from my cold, dead hands. I’m trying to shop a little less, but I’m not dead, people.

I’m not sure why this Black and Decker power station is in the home improvement section, seeing as how it’s a boom box, but the fact that you can plug a laptop into it has me intrigued. (Yes, should the world come to an apocalyptic end, I want to be able to check my email….)

Have you gone compact fluorescent, yet? If not, toss a couple of these into your cart.

These are seriously testing my “no extra shoes” vow. Hrmph. These aren’t, because I’m sure I’d break my neck in them, but that’s a heckuva good price for tall boots.

I kidnapped my mother’s KitchenAid mixer while on vacation, but if you’re still looking for one, $189.99 for the 5-quart (new, not refurb) is a great price.

The Circulon starter set is down to $119.99, again, plus if you add enough other pieces to get it up to $200, you can get a dutch oven for free. Awesome deal for someone looking to replace all their cookware.

I hope you’re having an awesome Friday, everyone! Next week I’ll resume a more regular posting schedule, now that we’re not driving all over creation to visit everyone we’ve ever known. Carry on.


  1. Congrats on the acquisition of the KitchenAid! I love mine, too. That is a great boot price, but I’ve already got brown boots still in good condition, so no need to buy today. 🙂

  2. Ahhhh…but these very pretty boots are only $53, and no risk of neck-breaking!

  3. I *WILL* buy myself that Circulon set one of these days. And a Roomba. Ah, my life would be so much closer to complete with Circulon and Roomba in it! :o)

  4. KIDNAPPED? Is that what you kids are calling it these days? Why, just wait until your father gets home.

  5. Courtney, I didn’t know you COULD be a Wantnot reader without buying Circulon and a Roomba.

    (Just kidding. I don’t own either one– but I did purchase a Scooba after Mir introduced me, and now worship it.)

  6. Too funny, fuzzy! And how could I forget the Scooba! Life would surely be complete then!

  7. thank you, thank you, thank you for still doing the fun deals! advice is great, but i feel really good getting a whole box of clothes for my kids and not spending very much…my husband loves it too!

  8. Pretty Pretty Mir — I need deals on maternity wear (soon, I am 8 weeks) and baby gear this summer! So stop showing pretty high heel boots! 😉

  9. Oh, I must be tired…I didn’t even connect TGIF with Amazon until now. Tough week at work…must buy shoes to feel better…

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