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By Mir
January 8, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

If you missed this deal the last time it came around, you’re in luck! It’s back and even cheaper.

Need a laptop cooler? This dual-fan Antec USB-powered laptop cooler is currently $27.99 at, with an available $20 rebate. (Offer valid through January 13th, 2008.)

I did pick this one up back in September, and have been using it happily ever since. The rebate came quickly, too.

(My brother-in-law contends that the cooler “chewed up” the battery in his Dell laptop, though he also said that Dell replaced the battery for free as that would be considered a defect. I told him the solution was to buy a Mac. He didn’t seem to think that was all that funny. Huh.)


  1. Awesome! There’s also a -$10 Google Checkout promotion going on, so if you aren’t already a Google Checkout member you’re actually paid $2.01 to have the pleasure of a cool laptop. (In theory anyway, we’ll see when my rebate comes…)

  2. I fail to see why these are a good thing. I love to put a warm and toasty laptop on my lap. Maybe it is because I live in the frozen tundra. he he he

  3. *giggles uncontrollably over the solution comment*

  4. We both have one, and I recommend them highly.

  5. ” I told him the solution was to buy a Mac.”

    Amen, sista! Show the Mac love!

  6. I just noticed that offers a “free” magazine subscription if your order is $25 or more (as this one is, since the total is calculated pre-rebate). But if you look at the fine print, if you don’t want the magazine you can submit a form for a $10 rebate. So… with both rebates, you actually earn $2.01 if you buy this laptop cooler…

    Mir, you are the prettiest and the bestest!

  7. Just ordered this using Google Checkout, so I got it for $17.99 – and there’s a $20 rebate?!? Woo hoo!!

  8. thank you for this. with the google checkout & rebate, i think i’ll get it for $2 after tax.

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