So happy it’s Friday, I’m gonna bake a cake

By Mir
January 11, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

(Yes, I surely need cake after endless weeks of Christmas and New Years and birthday celebrations. Shut it.)

But before I bake a cake I am going to peruse the Amazon Friday Sale. Because I’m like that.

I should totally get these seat covers to pimp out my mom-mobile, don’t you think? (On a related note, does anyone know why my children have started pretending not to know me…?)

Oh, wow. File this one under “In case you don’t like your kid very much”: How about a safety helmet with surround sound? I guess that’s for when mixing a helmet-worthy sport with loud music seems like an awesome idea.

I used to have one of the early George Foreman grills—which I assure you cost a lot more than this—and which was so difficult to clean I happily let my ex claim it in our divorce. But now it’s not only on sale, it comes with 5 different kinds of dishwasher-safe removable cooking plates, which tempts me to try it again.

Cheap KitchenAid mixer alert! (Black is the cheapest, though a few other colors are marked down as well.)

A medium-size bamboo cutting board is a great way to round out any kitchen gift; it’s always useful and makes it look like you spent a lot more than you actually did.

I have seen the way and the truth and the light when it comes to perfect cornbread, and it is pre-heating one of these with a chunk of butter in it. Mmmmmm.

How about a whole set of Anolon professional cookware for $149.99? Adding enough other Anolon to get your total up to $200 also gets you this 5-quart sauteuse for free!

No, it’s not a typo—it’s really a queen-sized flannel sheet set for $5.99. (That’s what I’m talkin’ about, Friday Sale!)

Make a small person in your life deliriously happy to bathe.

These have great ratings and are half off, but personally I feel it’s important not to eat anything called “HOOAH!” unless I absolutely have to.

Have a great Friday, everyone!


  1. woohooo!!!! i had checked on that very same george foreman grill just last weekend, and thought i wanted it, but decided 99 was too much to pay….i got it now! thanks mir!!!!

  2. I finally took the plunge and bought the Kitchen Aid mixer — for my mom! Granted, it will be a combined birthday/Mother’s Day gift, but she has always wanted one, and now I’m totally going to be the favorite daughter. Thanks Mir!!

  3. Just a note – the price for the flannel sheets is only good on the PINK ones…..

    And Hooah Bars are great! The term is used in the Army for anything AND everything! HOOAH! (spoken like a true Army WIFE!)

  4. I got the $5.99 price on the sky blue flannel sheets.

  5. i got the mixer too — i’d decided to buy one shortly before Christmas but was just waiting for the right price. today was the day! and to cathy, and whoever else bought the mixer, don’t forget there’s a $30 rebate on it, too!! i didn’t even see it until my husband wrote back to my email (informing him of the purchase) saying, “and with a $30 rebate?? sweet!” it’s $30 and a year subscription to either “food&wine” or “travel+leisure” magazines.

  6. Oh man! And I thought I got a good deal a few weeks ago when I got my king size sheets through you for $14.99. Now they are less! Mine are super comfy and soft. And my husband only wants to kill me a little when every time I lie down I say something about them being only $14.

  7. Me want cake.

  8. Thank you, Mir. I have pink hair and so pink sheets (a) match my hair and (b) don’t show if I didn’t manage to get the last bit of hair dye out at the back of my neck this go-round!

  9. FYI — The disney store online is having a HUGE sale. Everything is 50% off. $5 pajamas people. FIVE DOLLARS, and they have mermaids and princesses and talking rats on them. It just doesn’t get better than that.

  10. Kitchenaid mixer, MINE!!!
    Thanks, Mir….
    I am already collecting mixer recipes!!
    (I too will make cake)

  11. I keep considering the George Foreman grill because it’s supposed to be great for blind cooks. But my blind teen has been refusing to go near the kitchen lately, except to get Dew from the fridge…maybe next year. Bleh.

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