It’s not Paris, but. . .

By Mir
January 14, 2008

Have an advanced Lego lover in your life? (Wow. Sorry, I didn’t intend all of that alliteration. It sort of makes it sound dirty. I apologize.) Perhaps you’re ready for the Lego Eiffel Tower. Right now it’s marked down to $139.99, which is still a fortune, but is 30% off… and by the way, the finished product is 3.5 feet tall, made of nearly 3,500 pieces. (Too bad they’re all grey.)

It’s billed as ages 16+, but read the (excellent) reviews—it sounds like adept kids around 10 or so can manage this with some help.

We all know Amazon sometimes inflates original prices, so for comparison I’ll point out that the same kit is currently $199.99 on the Lego siteicon.


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