Once again, it’s Friday all day

By Mir
January 18, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I am feeling particularly light and fluffy and cheerful today, which I guess either means that I’m a happy pancake (mmmm… pancakes) or that this was a week that desperately needed to draw to a close. I’ll let you make your own conclusion.

Besides, who can be unhappy during the Amazon Friday Sale? Not me!

Even though it’s “faux silk” (which a reviewer then says is more like faux leather), I sort of love this coat.

At first I thought I was just drawn in by the name (Wonder Winder!) and the Spiderman-like appearance, but this cord keeper actually has great reviews (and a decent price).

I’m sort of digging these Naturalizer flats, which are just $14.99 and come in a variety of colors. Though—true to typical Amazon form—they’re twice the price over at Endless, so you might want to do a pricematch.

Does your doggie need a down jacket? Of course he does! And this jacket is part of the 4-for-3 promotion, so if you have an entire pack of pampered pooches, this is totally your lucky day!

I looked at this teak table no less than fifty times last summer, when we moved into this house and needed something for the deck. It was about $200 more, back then. The reviews are mixed (mostly complaints about inadequate packaging, although my experience is that Amazon will make it right if you have a problem), but at $180 I’d probably be willing to chance it. (Also read the shipping fine print: Ships for… a penny?? Okay!)

Tailgate in style, my fellow football fans. (Marked down to $49.99; 62% off!)

SAD sufferers—the Apollo GoLite is down to $132 again. This is a fabulous little device if you (or someone you love and don’t want to have to kill in the winter due to their excessive crabbiness) require light therapy.

The question here is not “Is $169.99 a good deal for a set of steak knives,” but rather “What does a person have to smoke to think that paying $600 for a set of steak knives is a good idea?”

Have a fabulous Friday, everyone!


  1. What does it say about me that when I read Wonder Winder, my first thought was to pronounce “winder” like people in hillbilly holler would pronounce “window”? Then I got to the Spiderman part and was confused. Then I realized that I am an idiot. *ahem.*

  2. The Wonder Winder is awesome! We have had one for years and I would never go back. Thanks for the tip–I’m going to buy another one for the workshop.

  3. HAHAHA @ Sara. I am laughing. For real.

  4. Just thinking about school for next year and wondered if there were any great deals on cute girls backpacks??? Do you know of any? Thanks.

  5. Dear Pretty Mir,

    Damnit WOMAN! I am on a no shopping binge a la Chris & Susan. And then you send me a link to a beautiful table for my empty patio. Maybe since it’s not clothing for me, and it’s not clutter it’s okay?

  6. Any tailgating in my neighborhood will need to be done with portable heaters. Maybe they can hang those from the trailer hitch thingamabob. Wind chills are supposed to be dangerously low for the NFC Championship game on Sunday night.

  7. Friday means Friday only…
    I purchases and item on Friday and today it was $50 more.

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