All-in-one printer deal

By Mir
January 20, 2008
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Looking for a printer? This one may be the deal you need.

The Epson CX7400 printer is currently $69.99 with free shipping at Amazon. It prints, scans, faxes, and makes you breakfast if you’re very nice to it. The price isn’t all that thrilling, true… but if you also buy a digital camera along with it—say, this junky little one for $14.99—you’re then eligible for a $70 rebate from Epson. (By the way, that camera also comes with a code for a free Shutterfly photo book, which is worth twice what you’re paying for the camera. Just sayin’.)

You’re welcome to buy a more expensive camera, by the way. You know me, I just head for the cheap stuff.


  1. K I’m in for a set. At first I was put off by the bad reviews of everything and then reminded myself why I as getting this. So my 3.5 year old will get a pink camera for HIS birthday and will be happy as can be. I’ll get a free printer and $15 photo book. I think that is a fabulous deal. Thanks!

  2. Oh no! I was about to jump on this deal, and that cheap-o pink camera is sold out! Any others that are elegible with the rebate and shutterfly deal? I couldn’t find one…but I know you have been gifted with many extra senses to be able to hunt these deals down. Thanks!

  3. Word to the wise on epson printers: you cannot just print black unless you have color ink in your cartridge. It will not let you. The color cartridges are $13 each for 3 (cyan, magenta, yellow). Black is usually $25-30. For this reason I just bought a new printer instead of getting ink for the old epson. I paid 8 bucks more to get a spanking new all in one than to get ink for my 5 year old printer.

    This is obviously a good deal, but just a heads up for the long run.

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