Yes. Again.

By Mir
January 22, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Hey, has anyone here ever heard of…?

Ouch! Stop throwing things.

Through January 24th, 2008, use coupon code CHOICES to take 50%, netting you $25 in dining out for just $5. I know that many of you have already availed yourselves of the gazillion other times there have been coupon codes to try this out, but if you haven’t yet, why not? I get an average of two emails a week from a “virgin” who finally tried it and wondered why they waited so long. No fuss, no catch, just big savings on restaurants.


  1. After your relentless hounding, I am finally ordering a few certificates from the site. 😉 It’s actually a cool way to try a few new restaurants in my area.

  2. Drat. The admin here at school has denied access to the site for some reason. Bah.

  3. Okay, I am the “virgin” trying it out this time. I got $35 for $6.50. Now I just have to print them out and go eat!

  4. I did it last time and it also paid for my beers!! $5 for $25 seems like a good deal to me! (I was skeptic, I mean come on free money?) There are only three that participate in my area so hopefully it will catch on!!

  5. You know you live in po-dunk-ville when only ONE certificate is available in my area and the place is STILL an hour away. Pooh.

  6. I tried it for the first time last week. I’m on the fence about it cause I was hoping it would save me money so I wouldn’t feel so guilty about eating out. But, after spending $5 for the $25 certificate, then you have to spend a minimum of $35, which ends up being $40, add on tax and tip on the $40, I still ended up spending $25 out of pocket anyway. These might be a better deal if you have three people buying entrees and no appetizers or something.

  7. We tried it a couple weeks ago. I was leary but it was awesome!

  8. I just found your site, and while the offer expires this evening, please keep posting them, I will DEF use them in the future and have already passed your site on to 5 of my friends! Good stuff, thank you!

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