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By Mir
January 23, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Looking for some cheap DVDs? There’s a whole bunch of ’em on sale for $4.99 at Best Buy this week.

Looks like shipping is $1.99 apiece for DVDs, or you can ship to your local store and pick up.

(Or you can just use Netflix and rent it and send it back, but maybe you have a burning need to own Wayne’s World. I don’t judge.)

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  1. Usually Best Buy & Circuit City take turns each week–one will do the $4.99 DVDs one week, the other will do them the next. It usually pays to check the insert in the Sunday paper each week for both of them to see whose turn it is. On a really good week, one of them will drop down to $3.99, but that’s much more rare.

    Haven’t really bothered to check to see if that is the case for their online stores as well, though.

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