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By Mir
January 23, 2008
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There’s all sorts of sales happening at Target online, this week, and maybe if I was more organized I would’ve put this stuff up on Sunday. But I’m not, so I didn’t. Whoops. Anyway, here it is:

Spend $125+ on furniture, save 15% and get free shipping.

Spend $50+ in Women’s, get free shipping.

Spend $50+ in Bedding, get free shipping.

Spend $50+ in Home, get free shipping.

And—I know, this one is a shock—spend $50+ in Shoes, get free shipping.

Actually, there’s a ton of stuff where if you spend $50 in one department, you get free shipping. I could be wrong, but I’m thinking they’re trying to get you to spend $50. Just a hunch I have. Don’t use this as an excuse to buy more, of course, but if it’s a purchase you would’ve made anyway and it saves you from driving to the store? Score.


  1. Aaargh! I Knew it! Just as soon as I ordered my bookcases they would run free shipping again! Sigh.

  2. Question? I’m trying to place my order but they’re definitely not giving me free shipping. In fact, they want to charge me $170 which is more than my cheap soul can bear. Is there some limitation I’m not aware of?

  3. Most furniture items are either 15% off or free shipping. (I didn’t see any that were both, actually, but didn’t look very hard) There’s this little table I’ve had my eye on but even with the 15% off, once you add shipping, it’s still $30 more than at the store. 🙁

  4. Usually they have pretty good clearance in the clothing/shoes online–so if you find something you like (perhaps Mossimo t-shirts, my weakness), you can buy a lot for $50. Over the summer, I got 9 shirts, two pairs of shoes, and a pair of pants for $52, shipped. And when the pants were too thin–they took them back at my local store!

  5. You know I love my local Target but have a hate relationship with the website. I go over and find many things I’d totally order but then see the insane shipping and walk away. Its basically like being raped. I mean if I eventually find something I want that is on free or affordable shipping I’ll get it in a heart beat. (Last time was a comforter and sham at $50 with $22 shipping, I found it at some home shopping website with sheets, fleece throw, and something else for $33 including shipping and thats just once) Ok, I’ve not ranted about their shipping rates in a while, I think I’m good now…

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