Baby your baby

By Mir
January 24, 2008

There’s all manner of sales and bargains at BabyCenter going on right now, so whether you have your own baby or need a gift for someone, it’s worth taking a look.

Use one of the available coupons, too:
FREESHIP49 — free shipping on $49+ (no expiration)
SAVE15% — 5% off $25+, 10% off $50+, 15% off $150+ (expires January 28th, 2008)

(Coupons don’t stack, I don’t think, so pick one.)

They also sent me this (unintentionally) amusing email about how most births happen in the summer to fall, which means that shopping for maternity clothes happens around now, which clearly they were mentioning because they sell maternity clothes. And really, I am such a child—all I could think was that a lot of people had themselves a merry little Christmas.


  1. There is a statistic that more babies are born in September than any other month (um, it is cold in January and late December). The other stat is there are fewer babies born in January than any other month — hmmm???

    A September baby here.

  2. LOL! So what does that say about me with sons born in Jan. and Feb.? I guess, like the birds and bees, Hubs and I get amorous in the spring!

  3. My parents must have had Spring Fever every year, there are three us us “kids” with late December/early January birthdays!

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